Dr. Bob takes off his hat to Ringo Starr and the All Starr Band

UPDATED Aug 24, 2012.

Ringo Starr Sticking with Dr. Bob's Hat!

Ringo's still rockin' the straw boater hat Dr. Bob tossed to him onstage at the Ringo Starr and the All Starr Band concert at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore, Maryland on 24 June 2012. Here Ringo is seen wearing it in his August update message on his own website. Dr. Bob posted his hat-throwing video as a Happy Birthday message since we posted it right before Ringo's birthday on July 7th.

Click here to go to Ringos' site and see his video update wearing Dr. Bob's hat!

ringo starr drumstick dr bob hieronimus ringo starr

Dr. Bob and friend and photographer Stuart Zolotorow each got a Ringo drumstick from backstage!


Happy Birthday Ringo!

I was so overwhelmed at the conclusion of the Ringo Starr and the All Starr Band concert at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore, Maryland on 24 June 2012 that I “took off my hat to him.” In this video, you can see my straw boater hat flying up on stage and landing next to Ringo during “Give Peace a Chance.” He picks it up, plops it on his head, gives a little bow of thanks to me (sitting in the second row), and trots off the stage. I hope he enjoys his present.

We heard from Toby Blumenthal, Event Manager at the Meyerhoff, home of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, who had secured this concert for them, that “He must have liked the hat enough to take it with him. I noticed that hat on his head as he left the venue and got into his awaiting car!” Thanks for bringing Ringo and his band to Baltimore, Toby. I hope they will come again.

This is the first time Ringo has played Baltimore since he was in that other band you may have heard of called The Beatles. As he said in his concert banter, he doesn’t know why he stayed away so long when the crowd’s reaction to him was so overwhelmingly positive. And he said our Meyerhoff Symphony Hall was beautiful and “more posh” than the venues he and the All Starr Band are used to.

At 21st Century Radio, we celebrated Ringo’s return to Baltimore by celebrating the simultaneously-timed release of the remastered Yellow Submarine film. We did a two hour special on 13 May 2012 that featured Yellow Sub co-director Bob Balser, and the remastering chief Paul Rutan, together with Toby Blumenthal promoting the upcoming Ringo concert. Check out the new Yellow Submarine on DVD or Blue Ray here and listen to my radio interviews here.

Then check out Ringo’s latest album “Ringo 2012” here. My favorite is his “Anthem” to peace and love. You gotta love Ringo for staying on message all these years. Peace and love, man. It’s the answer to everything. Happy Birthday Ringo!

Video courtesy of Scott Zolotorow