21st Century Radio

10/22/17 SUNDAY
8-10 PM Eastern

Host: Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, D.H.L.

GUEST 8:00-9:00 PM Eastern

Judith McGeary

Executive Director, Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, supporting independent family farmers and protecting a healthy and productive food supply for American consumers by promoting common sense policies for local, diversified agricultural systems. Also a preview of the Acres USA conference, December 5-8, 2017, where she is a speaker.


GUEST 9:00-10:00 PM Eastern

Jeff Nixa, J.D., M.Div.

The Lost Art of Heart Navigation: A Modern Shaman's Field Manual, Bear & Company, 2017. More info about the book.


10/15/17 SUNDAY
8-10 PM Eastern

Host: Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D.

GUEST 8:00-10:00 PM Eastern

Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, D.H.L.

White Spirit Animals: Prophets of Change, Bear & Company, 2017.



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Dr. Hieronimus featured in repeating television documentaries regarding secrets of our symbols and founding fathers.




A resource page for learning more and getting involved with environmental, social and other activism groups from www.ZoharaOnline.com

See more ways to get involved...

Baltimore Magazine featured a 7-page profile on the life and work of Dr. Bob Hieronimus called “The Hieronimus Code”.


Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen

for a U.N. Sponsored 5th World Conference on Women

See 5WCW information and documents:
www. 5WCW.org


White Spirit Animals,
Dr. Zohara's New Book,
Comes Out October 17

Dr. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus, D.H.L., has a new book coming out this month. It's called White Spirit Animals: Prophets of Change and explores shamanism and trans-species telepathy. Combining sacred elder lore, science, and her own telepathic dreams, Dr. Zoh looks at the special role played by White Spirit Animals in spiritual traditions and prophecy around the globe, where they are seen as guardians of animal wisdom, each with a special purpose and gift. The ethos of care has been lost from human society in general, and these terrestrial mammals urge us to restore it. Her recent article in The MOON Magazine goes into more depth about the enduring importance of this wisdom, especially today.

Pre-order at Inner Traditions or Amazon.

Dr. Bob Celebrates His Birthday in Style

With two trips to Oriole Park in one week, Dr. Bob dressed his "dapperest," despite 90 degree heat on the second game. A few days later he was treated to a very special outing with friends Chris Kaltenbach of the Baltimore Sun and Val and John Astin of acting fame and Johns Hopkins Theater professor. Read more and see photos.

This much is already certain:
Donald Trump is guilty.

From Mother Jones: "The Trump-Russia scandal is the subject of multiple investigations that may or may not unearth new revelations, but this much is already certain: Donald Trump is guilty." Read the article at Mother Jones.

Unveiling the Secret Messages
from our American Goddess

Co-authors Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D. and Laura E. Cortner will unveil the messages from our American Goddess in this presentation on their new book, The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World. Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 7:00 PM, at the Center for Spiritual Living in Reisterstown. Considering the Statue of Liberty, the iconic symbol of America, as a divine female, confident in her own power, will help you understand the intentions of our founding fathers and mothers when they chose this image to rally the revolution. Hieronimus and Cortner will break down the symbolism of America's "Mom," showing how we are all inseparable from the divine and from each other. From the goddess energy coursing through American history to the major influence of Native American philosophy on our concepts of "liberty," the Statue of Liberty inspires activism and asks "Where are your women?"

Hosted by the Baltimore Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, location: 362 Main Street, Reisterstown, MD 21136. Suggested donation $7.00.

More on Facebook.

The Solar Eclipse and the President:
Headed for a Divorce from the USA

NASA Eclipse Map

On August 13, 2017, Dr. Zohara M. Hieronimus D.H.L. interviewed world-renowned astrologer Rosemary Clark about the larger astrological influences affecting the 45th President, with a particular emphasis on the solar eclipse that took place on August 21, 2017. She also addressed the hate rally of white supremacists described as "Unite the Right" under the pretense of opposing the removal of a Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee that took place on August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia where Clark lives. That day ended in the death of three people and the injury of many that went unreported as a result of the violence perpetrated by gun-toting, club-swinging white supremacists. Their chants of anti-Semitism, racism, and threats of a neo-Nazi / KKK uprising in America were not emphatically decried by the President, but instead they were given a powerful boost by his efforts to blame a few counter-protestors for resisting the intentional violence used by the white nationalists -- whom Trump endorsed by his failure to emphatically condemn. Read the full transcript.

Mural by Dr. Bob Hieronimus called "A Little Help From Our Friends" featured on the front page of the Baltimore Sun on July 19, 2017. Themes from "A Little Help From our Friends" are cooperation and compassion and the power of neighborhoods. It was designed on commission for the communitiy mediation and arbitration facility known as the Safe and Smart Center in Waverly in 1996 (restored in 2008). Gigantic portraits of some of the "Friends" and inspirations for peace seen in this photo include, left to right, environmental pioneer Rachel Carson, reggae prophet Bob Marley, Nobel poet Bob Dylan, and peaceful resistance pioneer Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Read the article or read more about the mural.

The Baltimore Sun featured an article about the search for the lost Light Bus in its Sunday, July 9, 2017 paper:

[Dr. Bob] Hieronimus, an Owings Mills artist and expert in esoteric subjects, has teamed up with a research group out of the State University of New York Maritime College and a documentary film producer to locate what remains of his creation [the Light Bus] and bring its message of “higher consciousness” back in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival that made it famous.

Read the full article.

The Story of "Light,"
the famous "Woodstock Bus"

The Light Bus, a 1963 Kombi VW painted by Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D. and commissioned by Bob Grimm for his band Light to ride on tour, went to Woodstock and became part of the festival's iconography. It captured the mood and aspirations of a generation searching for its own identity and place, and appeared on the Woodstock Album inner sleeve. Photos of it have been featured in numerous articles and retrospectives about Woodstock, but where is the bus itself?

"The original bus, unfortunately, was last seen partially being held together by the paint job," says Hieronimus. "Its eventual demise is a bit of mystery to us in this day and age. It wasn't my bus, after all. I painted it on commission for Bob Grimm, who ... headed to England to tour with the Four Seasons ... today neither one of us can remember what eventually happened to the bus in the end. But we are determined to locate what's left of it and recreate it for Woodstock's 50th anniversary in August 2019."

Click here to read more.

Do you have any information that might lead to the discovery of the lost Light Bus? Contact info@woodstockbus.com. Reward offered.

Have you seen the Light Bus?

Reward Offered for any information leading to the discovery of the lost Light Bus. Contact info@woodstockbus.com

Click here to read more.

21st Century Radio® Guests
Fill Out Film Panel at
Philip K. Dick Film Festival


Left: Maryanne Bilham-Knight, Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, Robert M. Knight, and Dr. Bob Hieronimus in Baltimore. Right: Film poster for A Life Gone Wild.

We'll be at the debut of documentary film director Maryanne Bilham-Knight's new mini biopic on visionary artist and writer Ingo Swann, the father of remote viewing. The documentary, produced by The Estate of Ingo Swann (Swann Ryder Prodctions LLC), debuts on Saturday, May 27, at New York's Philip K. Dick Film Festival, and is followed by a remarkable panel discussion featuring the top-flight creators of the Remote Viewing program in the US. We're grateful to call each of the panelists longtime friends, and they've all been previous guests on 21st Century Radio®: Jacques Vallee, Lt. Col. Thomas McNear (ret.), Dr. Harold Puthoff, and Blynne Olivieri, as well as Maryanne herself. Learn more about the film festival and check out the film on Facebook!

The festival celebrates the legacy and influence of Philip K. Dick, the dystopian sci-fi author, and a visionary himself, promoting original or adapted material inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick and others who have explored the metaphysical and the eerie. He and Ingo were friends for many years.

Last year we met up with Maryanne and her husband Robert M. Knight—read about it here.

The Statue of Liberty
Protest Cartoons Continue

Click for larger image.

New cartoon including the Statue of Liberty vs. the 45th president. This one comes from our friend, animator Malcolm Draper, who was both a former assistant animator on the Popeye cartoon series in the 1960s for Halas and Batchelor, and later promoted to a full animator on the Beatles Yellow Submarine. His recollections of working on that film will eventually be included in volume 2 of Inside the Yellow Submarine: The Making of the Beatles Animated Classic. See more cartoons showing the Statue of Liberty vs. #45 on our blog about the Secret Life of Lady Liberty.

100 Statues of Liberty Protesting
Outside the US Embassy in London


Powerful images out of London this week as 100 Amnesty International activists, dressed as Lady Liberty, drew attention to human rights concerns during Trump's first 100 days in office. Read the article.

Our President Tells the Truth only 4% of the Time
What does that mean to American Liberty?

A revealing tour through recent
Statue of Liberty-themed cartoons and headlines...

Read more.

The Forecast for Trump:
Trouble on the Horizon This Summer

Detail from “Red States, Inc.” by Bob Hieronimus, 2012.

Interview with Joyce Levine on 21st Century Radio® with Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, DHL, January 15, 2017. Highlight: “We have to be ready for a [financial] downturn around September. Trump’s chart… is very challenged in the month of August. With the opposition to his Sun and the conjunction to his Moon, it’s sort of like it’s time to pay the piper. July, August, September, October, are particularly challenging for him.” Read more.

Protesting Both With and Against
the Statue of Liberty

Left: At the January 21, 2017 Women's March on Washington, D.C.
Credit: Mark Dixon / CC BY 2.0

Many people are dressing up as Lady Liberty in protests around the world, and dozens of articles and blogs in the past few days are illustrated with pictures of the Statue of Liberty in distress. And it’s no wonder our American Goddess is suddenly popular again – she’s the obvious choice when symbolically opposing Mr. Trump’s war of hatred on immigrants. Read more.

We Have a New President

Photos from the January 21, 2017 Women's MarchesLeft, Washington, DC, courtesy of Mobilus in Mobili / CC BY-SA 2.0; Right, Los Angeles, CA, Larissa Puro / CC BY 2.0

Tonight's show on January 22, 2017 is the first one we’ve produced under the new empire. We have a new president. In hour one our guests are two wisdom keepers from the Iroquois tradition, husband and wife team Mohawk Doug George Kanentiio and Oneida Joanne Shenandoah, whom we are asking for guidance from both their prophecies for the future and their ancient past. Second hour, our international correspondent Joe Honick will review the return to 1930s-style nationalism displayed in the inauguration speech, and interference from the Russians in the election. While the majority of Americans do not support this new president, he has even less support around the planet. This solidarity AGAINST what he stands for was clearly demonstrated on both Friday and Saturday. Read more.

Impeach Trump Bumper Stickers

We have ordered 20 of these to be at the ready. Order now.

Existence is a Continuum,
Dr. Zohara Writes

Dr. Zohara Hieronimus' article Existence is a Continuum appears in the Winter 2016 issue of Species Link Journal. She writes:

"Animals, like indigenous tribal people, view existence and non-existence as a continuum. Animals, like many in the human population, are more concerned about the entire Earth and its ecosystems than themselves specifically. For instance, Bear, Wolf, Lion, Elephant, Whale, and Bison are all apex animals in their ecosystems. If any of them become extinct, everything under these capstone species dis­assembles. Their message to us, as I write about in my upcoming book on the White Spirit Animals, is 'to save as many of us as you can.'" Read the full article.

National Arts Club Presents
The Secret Life
of Lady Liberty

December 20, 2016

Authors Robert Hieronimus and Laura Cortner

We are truly honored to be invited by the prestigious National Arts Club in New York City to give a visual presentation of "The Secret Life of Lady Liberty" on December 20th, 2016 at 8 PM. The event is open to the public, and one of our VIP guests will be Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), staunch supporter of gender equality and the essential message behind the Secret Life of Lady Liberty. Founded in 1898, the National Arts Club is located in the historic Samuel Tilden Mansion in Gramercy Park in New York City, and its membership has included many distinguished artists, composers, architects, and three U.S. presidents. Our talk will focus on how the Statue of Liberty is an Energizing Symbol, showing her used in political cartoons, in Hollywood disaster movies, and as a focal point of social protest movements. The Statue of Liberty stands for "us." Read more.

Read this bulletin for even more info about the event.

Lady Liberty and Public Art
at Baltimore's Mitchell Courthouse

The Secret Life of Lady Liberty came to one of the most beautiful historic libraries in Baltimore on December 1, 2016. Co-authors Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D., and Laura E. Cortner presented a visual tour of their new book exploring the symbolism of the Goddess Lady Liberty, revealing why everyone claims the Statue of Liberty as one of "us," but most forget that she is GOD in female form. Read more.

Goddess in a New World article
featured in 11:11 Magazine!

Ever see 11:11 on clocks, or have synchronicity occur? Read 11:11 Magazine's new issue, with an article by the Secret Life of Lady Liberty authors Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D. and Laura Cortner. Get the magazine online.

Shirley Maclaine Interview on
The Secret Life of Lady Liberty

One of the best interviews about The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World we’ve done was with Shirley Maclaine on Independent Expression Radio. She says, "Robert Hieronimus has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. I have been especially interested in reading his doctoral stuff on The Historic Analysis of the Reverse of the American Great Seal and his research on America’s 'secret destiny.' But what I want to talk about today on this Fourth of July is The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World. (I really enjoyed it very much.) This is going to be an interesting book. Let’s say a prayer for the Statue of Liberty and what it means to solve all these problems." Listen to the interview

Awarded a Michelin Star in 3 consecutive years,
now on to greater opportunities.

Photo: Michael Halsband

From Grub Street: After much success (including a Michelin star and much praise), "... chef Elise Kornack and her wife, Anna Hieronimus ... will permanently close their four-year-old restaurant, but it’s a decision that they’ve made from a position of strength — business is better than ever. So why is now the time to say good-bye?" Read the full article.

Dr. Bob Speaks at
100th Birthday Celebration
Honoring Leon Day

Well, we had a GREAT time at the Leon Day 100th Birthday party on Saturday, October 29, at the Babe Ruth Museum. You can see part of Dr. Bob's speech in the link below. Thanks to the hard work of Michelle Freeman and her group of friends and family that pulled this off, we were able to honor our old friend, the Negro League legend, Leon Day, who finally made it into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995, just six days before he died. Thank you to the Baltimore Sun, and especially to Dan Rodricks for his column and podcast, and to Mary McCauley for her terrific article in the Baltimore Sun, and to Karl Merton Ferron for his very touching video included as part of that article online. Thanks to them we had close to a hundred people turn out and enjoy birthday cake and baseball stories and snacks and participate in our silent auction and sales table where we raised even more money for the West Baltimore youth baseball leagues. Keeping alive the integrity and grit and resilience of the old Negro Baseball Leagues and inspiring that sportsmanship in a new generation. More information at LeonDayFoundation.org. We highly recommend you support this worthy foundation. Read the full article & watch the video.

See photo gallery from the event.

Baltimore Book Fest 2016

Dr. Bob Hieroniumus, Ph.D. and Laura Cortner, co-authors of The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World, at the 2016 Baltimore Book Fest.

On September 25, Dr. Bob and Laura Cortner spoke from the CityLit Stage at the 2016 Baltimore Book Fest on their book The Secret Life of Lady Liberty: Goddess in the New World. We had a full house! See the photos here.

Limited Edition
Leon Day Baseball Card

Don't delay! Get your 100th anniversary edition Leon Day baseball card today! Designed by renowned graphic artist, Gary Cieradowski, this card will surely be a must-have for baseball collectors. Only 100 cards are available for sale. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the Leon Day Foundation, Inc. to create opportunities for kids to engage with baseball in West Baltimore. The Leon Day Foundation, Inc., is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

The card's purchase price is $50.

You may purchase securely via Pay Pal.

Joanne Shenandoah Transplant Fundraiser

Oneida singer, composer, and acoustic guitarist Joanne Shenandoah has appeared on 21st Century Radio in the past. Besides her Grammy win and widespread acclaim, she has performed at the Vatican, and has been recognized for her work in environmental activism. Last summer, she was exposed to deadly bacteria, and her liver began to fail. She needs an organ transplant, and we here are supporting the fundraising campaign—please join us in making a donation.

Listen to her song "We Will Rise Up".

Dr. Bob photographed with legendary
rock and roll photographers
Robert M. Knight and Maryanne Bilham!

Robert M. Knight, Dr. Bob Hieronimus, and Maryanne Bilham at the 1830s Carrollton Inn in Baltimore, shooting for the Ingo Swann documentary. This photo was retouched and resized by Maryanne.

Small world of interconnectivity when we were interviewed last month (May 2016) for a documentary about our dear friend Ingo Swann. Ingo was, of course, the legendary remote viewer who led the way in training the military how to do psychic spying, and he and I first crossed paths back in the early 1970s as I traveled the lecture circuit with my good buddy Christopher Bird, who was talking about the Secret Life of Plants. Chris and I quickly had our fill of "New Age" conferences and began finding unusual ways to amuse ourselves. My favorite was founding the "International Order of the Paper Clip" and showing up to conferences wearing enormous paper clips on our lapels, confusing everyone for our own personal delight. I think we may have even initiated Ingo into our secret brotherhood on one occasion. Read more.

The death and rebirth of the Apocalypse mural is compared to the legendary
Diego Rivera's Man at the Crossroads
mural, ordered destroyed by
Nelson Rockefeller in 1933

Photo: Gumr51 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Hieronimus & Co. received this exciting bit of news comparing the rebirth of Dr. Bob's Apocalypse mural to what happened to Diego Rivera and his mural Man at the Crossroads in 1933. Dr. Bob's doctoral committee chairman, Dr. Stanley Krippner, told us that while he was giving a presentation in Mexico recently, he compared the Hieronimus work to that of Diego Rivera, specifically, that both suffered from the destruction of their murals. Read more.

The Restored Apocalypse Mural

The historic Apocalypse mural by Dr. Bob Hieronimus at Johns Hopkins University, Levering Hall was fully restored in the summer of 2015, and on April 8, 2016 Johns Hopkins hosted an alumni weekend special lecture and tour of the mural. The mural tells a wide-ranging story and brings together symbols from many cultures and times. Read more about the opening and the mural.

The full-color guidebook includes detailed images, commentary, and full interpretation of most of the symbolism in this iconic mural. Learn more and purchase the guidebook.

Check out the 360-degree virtual tour of the mural here and our photo galleries of the restoration and the official opening celebration.

White Spirit Animals
Dr. Zohara's New Book
To Be Released In 2017

Dr. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus, D.H.L, has been writing her book about the White Spirit Animals for two years (working title: White Spirit Animals: Prophets of the Wild, to be released in 2017 by Bear & Co.), discovering as Shamans do, that dreams are a bridge between all species and make it possible for everyone to talk with animals. "What I have learned is that animals know their own pre-Ice Age history and share it willingly with humans who listen. All of the White spirit animals are apex guardians of entire ecosystems. We must do everything we can to protect the Lion, Bear, Wolf, Bison, Elephant and Whale as each presides over Earth's major ecosystems, which, without them, will collapse more rapidly." Click here to read more.

Reflections and Changes after (Almost) Three Decades On the Air

As we approach the 30th anniversary of 21st Century Radio®, I find myself reflecting on my approach to the program that I have hosted and produced for so long, and deciding to make some changes. Nothing drastic, like taking the program off the air or anything like that! Just changing my approach to the insane amount of preparation I do for each guest, which limits the total number of guests we are able to feature on the show. I'll explain my decision after first reviewing some of our history. Click here to read more.

Two Generations of Hieronimus Enjoy Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley and his band performed at the Baltimore Soundstage on October 13, 2014 during their “Fly Rasta” tour, and father and son Hieronimus attended with photographer Stuart Zolotorow and enjoyed it immensely with the sold out crowd. See more...

Now you can take home an affordable memento of one of Dr. Bob's most famous Artcars! But we warn you: playing with them can be addictive!

$10 each, choose from four different sides. Autographed by the artist!


Learn more about the “Woodstock Bus” here, and more about the “We The People” Artcar here.

Seven Awards won at Cannes Film Festival by VW's Goodbye to the Kombi Bus, prominently featuring Dr. Bob Hieronimus and his Iconic Woodstock Bus



Dr. Bob and Zohara enjoyed entertaining the film crew from Brazil that visited in February of 2014 to interview Bob about his Woodstock Bus memories. But they never imagined the films that were produced would win seven Lion Awards, including two golds, at the International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, the world's most renowned advertising festival! Congratulations to Spray Filmes and the PR firm ALMA BBDO for creating such an emotional tribute in honor of the world's final goodbye to the Kombi vans. Click above to see the tribute to Dr. Bob, and click here to read the full article and see the longer film where the narrator calls Dr. Bob "one cool dude."

Graham Nash Interviewed by Dr. Bob Hieronimus

Photo by Stuart Zolotorow

“I enjoy being on 21st Century Radio with my friend, Dr. Bob Hieronimus because we need people who are putting the truth in front of our faces. We need leaders. We need great voices on the radio, and Dr. Bob is one of them.”

All that follows are direct quotes from Graham Nash's appearance on 21st Century Radio® with Dr. Bob Hieronimus on November 4, 2012 when they reviewed “The Art of Graham Nash” exhibit in NYC.

“Global warming: It is a very touchy subject. There has been an incredible crusade of climate deniers that are ruling the airwaves and leading people to believe that it's inconclusive science, that it's all poppycock, that it's just not true. And I believe those people will be seen in the future as incredible obstacles to waking up to the fact that our climate is changing.

And don't forget it's not just Exxon or the oil companies. It's the Koch Brothers, and the other billionaires that have holdings in making money from the environment in coal and uranium. The oil companies are a large part of the problem, but they are only a part of the problem. The biggest problem is the America public so far, do not believe that the climate is changing. And with the superstorms like Sandy coming, it's getting mad out there. Anybody with a brain has got to make the connection between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere affecting the actual climate of the entire planet."

Read more of this transcript of their 11/4/12 radio show online here...

The Student Reveals a Few Key Mentors

by Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D.

In April of 1972 I was contacted by the former Secretary General of the United Nations U Thant, who was providing a letter of introduction to me for Buddhist mystic and diplomat U Maung Maung Ji. This led to several momentous encounters for me with my most important mentors, who told me I had been overshadowed by a higher force to execute “The Apocalypse.”

Main room, main wall of “The Apocalypse” mural, extended

I believe the time has now come for me to reveal this story and introduce you to the guides who have been with me since at least 1968 when I realized why I incarnated in this earthly body known as Robert R. Hieronimus.

Read the rest of the article...


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A fully detailed replica of the painted bus "Light" of Woodstock 1969 fame! This 1/12 scale model from SunStar features all of Dr. Bob's artwork faithfully reproduced to the original design.



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