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The Spirit Molecule investigates dimethyltryptamine (DMT), an endogenous psychoactive compound, which exists in humans, as well as in numerous species of plants and animals. The feature-length documentary traces Dr. Rick Strassman's government sanctioned human DMT research and its many trials, tribulations, achievements, and inconceivable realizations. A closer examination of DMT's effects through the lens of two traditionally opposed concepts, science and spirituality, The Spirit Molecule explores the connections between cutting-edge neuroscience, quantum physics and human spirituality.

2012 Enlightened – The Documentary

Much has been said about the year 2012 - by the world’s indigenous peoples - top scientists, and great prophets like Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus - with many predicting biblical Armageddon and world cataclysms caused by solar maximum storms, and the coming orbit of the dwarf star constellation “Planet Nibiru”. The Great Clearing! 2012 is also seen as the time of - Great Revealing - where anti-Christ and anti-evolutionary forces of the Illuminati, secret societies, UFO’s, religious and Government corruption are exposed, allowing the spiritual and physical transformation of the New Spiritual Age of peace, and enlightenment to manifest beyond 2012. There truly is one-knowledge of Solar Occultism, Sacred Geometry and the Light Consciousness - this divine reality has been intentionally hidden from our civilization since ancient times. Through this website and our book, the truth is now being revealed to the masses.

The Time Is Almost Upon Us - July 3-6, 2008

Uncover the mystery and help discover the truth at the 2008 Roswell UFO Festival.

The City of Roswell
invites UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to join in the celebration of one of the most debated incidents in history this July 3-6, 2008. The four-day event will feature guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, a costume contest, parade, family-friendly activities and more.

In early July, 1947, a mysterious object crashed on a ranch 30 miles north of Roswell. The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a statement claiming to have recovered a crashed "flying disk." An article ran on the front page of the Roswell Daily Record and the next day, RAAF changed its statement to say that the object was a weather balloon, not a flying disk as they previously reported. This revised statement sparked immediate controversy and has continued to be a topic of debate more than 60 years later.

My Mystic Universe Is a group of friends who have always had a strong interest in the paranormal and all subjects related. As you probably are aware of, it is not always easy finding like minded people and even harder finding places that offer new age related items for sale. We decided to start a site that will help make that easier by offering the highest quality items combined with a community forum and a links page connecting with all of our friends in the community. We hope you enjoy the site and participate in the forum.

GOforChange presents a view of sustainability in the Baltimore - Washington area that is both broad and focused. It is a place for people to find and share regional resources for positive change.


The "Pop" Lloyd Committee has a new look!
We are not finished with changes to the web site but I think Reese Broody has done a wonderful job so far. Keep an eye out for new developments. Also note that plans are progressing for this year's "Pop" Lloyd Weekend Celebration, September 30-October 2. Please mark your calendars.
Michael Everett

The Urch Perch Band, Baltimore's premier band of the 60' & 70's - click for
info on the Bluesette Reunions!

A Royalties-based website program for former Negro League Baseball players, barnstormers, historians and researchers:

Connie Cook Smith’s true ghost story from Baltimore:

Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies
Description: kabbalah, kabbalah lessons, free courses, kabbalah books,
distant learning, kabbalah mp3 - Questions and Answers, Live lessons and
music broadcast, kabbalah FAQ

ISIS Paranormal Investigations


Website for Dr. Virginia Steen-McIntyre - concerned with EARLY Early Man in the New World. (I will use the term Early MAN generically.) Those who roamed around Mexico and the Southwest a quarter-million years ago. Emphasis will be on archaeologic sites surrounding the Valsequillo Reservoir.


-Beyond the Rainbow:  Renewing the Cosmic Connection Regarding Spirituality, Extraterrestrials, and Occult Conspiracy explores the connections between extraterrestrial intelligence and spiritual practice in a historical context.  It also dispels much disinformation endemic to this genre, particularly with regard to politics, conspiracy theories, and occultism.  A unifying theme providing the backdrop for the book is the "Wizard of Oz mysteries."

-Uruguayan/Italian artist's work related to ancient Egypt and Ets


-An International Non-Profit UFO Research Organization
"My goal with my work is to get the scientific community interested in the facts behind the 'giggle factor' as we call it, and to look at the 'real' evidence and come to their own conclusions. I feel there is enough physical evidence to convince anyone if they were to just look."

~ Jim Hickman, Director


-Lisa Rafel is an internationally recognized teacher, presenter, healer and chantress. Through her transformative approach people experience greater health and a renewed relationship to their clarity, hopes and desires. Courageous compassion, embodied balance and access to powerful resonant fields are core elements of her work.

-Anomalies and Alternative Science resources - directory of Anomalies and Alternative Science related websites.

-Transcelestial Ontology, Posthumanism and Theoretical Ufology (daily blog)
"After the Martian Apocalypse": in bookstores July, 2004

~~ Psychic April ~~
Why wait til Tomorrow? Know TODAY!

-From the artist who designed the cover of The Bible and Flying Saucers by Dr. Barry Downing.

-Top 100 In The Vortex - The Paranormal Search Engine
-This site has a free online course in Astral Travel, Astral chat, forums and articles on Astral Projection, Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

-The Russian Esoteric Academy: "The Way to Happiness"

-Baseball Songs Sports Heroes - Music about sports heroes on and beyond the ballfield. Some of the songs directly relate to the issues of discrimination in sports and Negro Leagues champions.

-The goal of the Angel Academy is to connect you with your guardian angel and spiritual guides. As a translator for our heavenly brothers and sisters, I deliver personal messages, word for word, from beyond the veil...
-Anglo-Scottish UFO Research Agency - great forum pages for exchanging ideas and questions.

-John Clive played the voice of John Lennon in The Yellow Submarine, but he's also an accomplished actor and best-selling author. Check out his website full of film clips, reviews and photos!

Chariots of the Gods
-Chariots of the Gods

A dynamic combination of Feng Shui principles and transformational counseling to help you reach your goals and manifest the life that you want. -

To discover the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrial contact, and a variety of related paranormal phenomena, I need the input and participation that only you -- the individual direct experiencer -- can offer. -
H&Co. has found this site very helpful in answering questions about grammar and punctuation... Here you will find ideas for use in the classroom. It is run by a middle school language arts teacher (8th grade), so most of the ideas are geared toward this level. However, most teachers have become adept at modifying other teachers' ideas for use in their own classrooms.  -

-BSJ offers information, inspiration and resources for those wanting to
broaden the definition of "bottom line" to also include our spirit.
-Indian Tea Garden - including a section on tea's health benefits and on
"tsaiology" - study of tea, the tea spirit.
-MEETUPs are free, happening in over 500 cities world wide, and are
monthly events. Meet people with similar interests at local coffee shops,
cafes, restaurants, stores, etc
-Spiritart - psychic portraits and channeled messages from other side.
A psychic husband and wife team, Michael Parry and Marti Baker, give
you portraits and messages from passed loved ones.

-The Mindshift Institute is devoted to challenging
thinking, deepening emotions and opening possibilities.
-Alien Abduction Experience and Research. News, reviews, and bulletin
boards for questions and sharing experiences and advice for abducees.


-Acquisition of Astral Awareness
-Dr. Batmanghelidj's website about how important water is to our health.
-UFOs, Astral projection, Meditation, Qigong, Dreams, Palidromes,
Anagrams, Reincarnation, Spirit guides, Gung fu, Chakras and more.

-International New Sciences Forum
-Mathematical equations to prove the existence of God
-LILIPOH (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness) is a quarterly journal featuring insights into complementary therapies, principally in the fields of homeopathic, anthroposophic and naturopathic medicine. LILIPOH looks at illness as a phenomenon with its basis in the life of the soul and spirit as well as in the body, and seeks to bring hope and courage in dealing with it. Dedicated to informed choice, it is abundant with lively articles by doctors and nurses, farmers and gardeners, parents and educators and adds a whole new dimension to exploring healthier lifestyles and a healthy enviornment. Partnered with the Alliance for Childhood.
-Save endangered wild places

-Online effort to assess breaking developments concerning potential alien artifacts on Mars

-The Crop Circle Web Site: The latest on the FOOT and MOUTH Infection in the UK updated daily, plus the latest research, information and 5 day weather forecast for the Crop Circle Countryside; FREE use of the most comprehensive Crop Circle Database (Paul Vigay's) in the world; the latest photographs by the world's researchers; and details of Crop Circle events for 2001.

-Sister site to the Crop Circle Web Site, which covers UFOs, Ancient Egypt and many more interesting topics

" - has been in operation for a year now and we beleive that we are THE source for information on James Curchward and his theories of a lost Pacific Ocean continent."
-Jack Chruchwood

-"Out There Graphics"

-Synchronistic Connections Between The Yellow Submarine, the Dark Side of the Moon and the Wizard of Oz

-Yellow Submarine Audio Clips

-Theories and News about Egypt's Pyramids and Sphinx

-Exploring Unknown Phenomena in the Netherlands

-Internet/TV Program "Spiral Into It"

-Comic Strip About Aliens and Unexplained.  Lots of Fun!


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