The NEW Yellow Submarine: The Re-Making of the Beatles Animated Classic

Updates on the Zemeckis/Disney Remake of Yellow Submarine!

is alive and well, says Robert Zemeckis. While on the red carpet for the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future he told Moviefone the film is “all ahead full.” Accept his slightly awkward phrasing there, and walk away with the spirit of his statement intact. Unless you think a mocapped 3D is super weird and slightly counter to the idea of the original film, in which case you’ll just have to live with the situation. Read the whole article at:



3-D Version of Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' To Shoot In April 2011, Says Star Cary Elwes

Disney announced in March that it plans to shut down Robert Zemeckis' digital animation studio. Apparently "A Christmas Carol" — and its lackluster domestic box office showing — will be one of the studio's swan songs (get excited for "Mars Needs Moms," people!). Yet the closure, so it seems, will have no bearing on the status of "Yellow Submarine," Zemeckis' 3-D motion-capture reinvention of the classic Beatles cartoon.

"That will be going in April of next year, so we're gearing up for that," star Cary Elwes, who will be voicing the role of George Harrison, told MTV News at New York Comic Con, where he was promoting "Saw 3D."

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From the L.A.Times: Disney to shut ImageMovers Digital studio

Disney said the studio was "hoping to create a long-term production deal" with Zemeckis and his IMD partners, Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey, which would include the development of "Yellow Submarine." Read the full article

Reply letter from Robert Zemeckis to Cam Ford, animator for the original film

Comments from a letter from Sir George Martin to Dr. Bob and Zoh dated 3/7/10

The Woodstock painted bus has arrived, and what a treasure! I had no idea it would be so big and detailed. It is terrific and will be something to hand down from generation to generation.

Just back from Santa Barbara, where I agreed to conduct my score of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ with the choir, then followed it up with the first performance of ‘The Mission Chorales’. Happy to say I received a standing ovation at both performances, so the trip proved worthwhile, and told me I could still cut it. Well, you never know...

On the plane I met up with an actor I know who was going out to do the voice of John Lennon for Disney’s Yellow Submarine. He came to our Sunday performance along with a couple of the other Beatle voices and he told me that he had to do some action as well, wearing a suit with sensors in addition to doing voice unders. All of which suggests a 3D film and an Avatar approach to the animation. I do hope it is a good effort.

Again many thanks, Bob. Judy says she is glad you are still fighting the good fight!

Love to you both,


Cast for Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' remake reported to be set
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By Daniel Kreps 
Producers for Yellow Submarine have secured the rights to the Beatles' music, so the songs in the film will come courtesy of the real Fab Four and not the tribute band. By hiring actors to portray the Beatles, Zemeckis is keeping in ...
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Ever since it was announced that Disney and director Robert Zemeckis are planning on a 3-D motion capture remake of The Beatles Yellow Submarine movie (slated for release in time for the London Summer Olympics in 2012), Dr. Bob Hieronimus has been hard at work to see that the original co-creators of this film get some recognition out of this new project. He sent a copy of his book, Inside the Yellow Submarine: The Making of the Beatles Animated Classic, to Zemeckis with the suggestion that at the very least a private preview screening of the remake for the original co-creators would be one way to pay homage to their efforts. Here is the response from the president of Image Movers Digital, and partner of Robert Zemeckis. We will post any further communication we have with this office, in our attempt to ensure the creators of the new film give public acknowledgment to the creators of the original film.


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