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Dr. Bob Hieronimus is featured several times in the new History-2 series called "America's Book of Secrets".  Watch for his next appearance on Saturday 1/28/12 at 10 PM Eastern in an episode on "The Freemasons".  You can also see him in the 2-hour premiere called  "America's Book of Secrets: The Monuments" that first aired on 1/15/12, which is now posted online.

History 2 (H2) channel can be found on DirecTV at Channel 271; on Dish Network at Channel 121; on Comcast at Channel 116 (in some areas); and on Verizon FiOS at Channel 127. Hope this helps you find it!

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Some of this material discussed can be found in one of his books United Symbolism of America, excerpted here:

(pp. 224-225)

“As overboard as they have gone finding “Satanic/Illuminati” symbols in the street maps of Washington, D.C., fundamentalist-conspiratorialists are even more intolerant of the monuments. The Roman, Greek, and Egyptian influences on the architecture and monuments all over the capital are condemned as pagan or otherwise “anti-Christian.” As we emphasized in Chapter 4, however, the prevailing tastes and styles of the times must be taken into account before we filter the messages of the symbolism through our current less-informed, and often less-accepting, framework. Today, due to a lack of this understanding, we have an Internet full of breathless claims that anything resembling the art of Egypt, Greece, or Rome is, by default, Satanic—apparently because it pre-dates Christ.

“The most striking monument in the entire city is the 555-foot Washington Monument towering over everything else on the horizon. Anyone afraid of ancient Egypt as pre-Christian and therefore Satanic will obviously find this structure menacing. The rest of us might simply be curious to learn the connection in the designer’s mind between George Washington and ancient Egypt. Discovering that the designer of the Washington Monument, Robert Mills, was a Freemason, Akram Elias decided that Freemasonry must be that connection. Although not accepted by contemporary Masonic historian sticklers, there is an old legend that the origins of Freemasonry date back to the builders of the monuments of ancient Egypt. Even the Masons who do not accept the idea that their rituals and teachings have survived from that long ago still hold a reverence for the building accomplishments of this ancient civilization. Of course, Freemasons are not the only ones who admire obelisks, but it is one way of explaining why Mason Mills designed an obelisk to honor Mason Washington.

“Elias sees further corroboration to his proposal in the repetition of the number 5 in both the height and width of Robert Mills’ obelisk-like design (555 feet high and 55 feet wide along each side of its base). Were these numbers significantly chosen? If so, the number 5 could have been another nod by Mills to the Freemasonic brotherhood he shared with George Washington. The number 5 is associated with the Fellowcraft and in Masonry is the number for the builder. George Washington was symbolically the chief builder of the nation, and this obelisk-like monument was designed to be the chief building in the capital of the nation. On a larger scale, the United States was designed to be the builder of the New Order of the Ages, where freedom is maintained through enlightened wisdom. An emphasis on five in this monument might be related to building.”