Your Mind and Soul Can Traverse Time with Ease:
The Recruitment of a Psychic Warrior
Dr. Bob Hieronimus
In case there should still be doubt that many world governments train psychics to be used as spies, we present a March 14, 1997 interview Zoh Hieronimus did with David Morehouse after the release of his St. Martin's 1996 book, Psychic Warrior: Inside the CIA's Stargate Program. The True Story of a Soldier's Espionage and Awakening. On past programs, Zoh has discussed the principles and how to's of remote viewing with Joe McMoneagle, Uri Geller, Ingo Swann and other very competent, well-trained remote viewers. With David Morehouse, instead she concentrated on the life story of one of a handful of men an women who were employed by the U.S. military to explore the hermetic skills still used by most tribal peoples, and preserved in the world's esoteric traditions. Seldom shared with the masses, these innate holy skills are actually available to every one of us, and according to David Morehouse are currently being accessed by our U.S. military to develop psychic spies.

As quantum physicists attempt to explain the mechanics of all life as both particle and wave, one learns to soon accept that time is a field in which activity occurs and that mind and soul traverse that field with ease. Applying the protocols developed by renowned psychic Ingo Swann and fellow researcher Harold Puthoff at the Stanford Research Institute, Morehouse tells how a handful of men and women were employed by the U.S. military in order to explore their psychic skills. David emphasizes that we are each capable of and entitled to everything he describes in his book.

The Early Years and Early Programming of David Morehouse

"If you've every seen the movie, 'The Great Santini,' " he says, "that was my home. I was a third generation army officer and I was really programmed by my father to be nothing but a soldier... The first song that I ever learned was the army song "Over Hill, Over Dale.' It was the first song that I was ever taught by my mother. So, I grew up just planning and organizing my life to be nothing but a soldier. It's all that I knew. Everything that I did in the army I did very successfully, but I did it not because I was something special but just because I was well rehearsed for the 19 years leading up to that point."

Born in 1954, David spent a total of 18 years in the military. "I was a major promotable when I resigned from the army, " he says. "My assignment path was one of special operations and infantry. I was not a military intelligence officer, I didn't enter into that world, I didn't understand it, I had no desire to be a part of it. I was a combat arms officer. I was not a combat support or combat surface support officer." His goal in serving the nation, "was to be an infantry officers and to do the hardest jobs that I could find and jobs that required me to lead men and to convince men to do things that otherwise might be deemed humanly impossible, which is what infantry leaders do, and all leaders in combat arms do. They take men and women and lead them into situations and provide guidance and support and tactical prowess for them that keeps them alive."

Opening the Psychic Doorway of a Career Soldier

"I don't consider myself, even today, to be a spiritual man," says David, "and maybe I'm selling myself short, but that's really how I look at myself when I stare into the mirror. I don't see myself as a spiritual person, I don't see myself as anything special in any way." In March of 1987, he says he "was just a soldier's soldier, and I was commanding my Ranger company in Jordan, and we were training Jordanian rangers to kill Israelis... [the subject of an entirely different program] We were training OUR allies to kill our OTHER allies. One could argue whether or not that was really what we were doing. It was certainly not the stated mission when we went over there, I'll have to give you that, but who else are you training Jordanians to kill? Certainly nobody to the north, south, or to the east of them. All of their weapons are trained on Palestine or Israel, and let's just face the fact that's what we were there to do."

During one of the live fire exercises, "the signal goes out to shift the fires and everyone shifts fire with the exception of one rogue machine gun. That machine gun shifts the wrong direction. There's always somebody that doesn't get the message. That machine gun shifted the wrong direction and fired back into the left flank which put his grazing fire right into the assault element of 40 Rangers. And these machine gun bullets are traveling at roughly 2,100 feet per second, spiraling across the desert floor, and they're peppering the ground all around the assault element and by the grace of God, or whomever, no one else is struck, but I'm struck in the head two inches above the right eye. I didn't see it coming, I didn't have a chance to duck, that's one thing I learned. I was knocked out unconscious for about 40 minutes."

"The Veil of My Conscious Mind Parted"

"It was during that 40 minutes that my life was changed and a door into a new reality for me was opened... As I was knocked out and lying there on the desert floor... a veil parted. The veil of my conscious mind parted and I stepped into another world where I was given some very significant guidance and information and teaching by an individual that [he calls] and angel for lack of any other understanding. That label was acceptable and I put it on this personage, this apparitional personage, that I saw in front of me, this messenger that passed this information to me, that told me that the path that I had chosen in my life was the wrong path for me, and that I was to choose a new path. And that was to a path of peace.

"Now, those were very perplexing words from a warrior's perspective. I didn't understand that. I always believed that no one sought peace more than those who had to fight for it. I had always believed that, and that was something that my father had told me. But I was really caught up in this whole world of the destruction of human life. I was caught up in that, my whole world was surrounded with that, and the science of it. An to be given information in the Ether by this personage that said, 'You are now to choose a path of peace,' I didn't know how to process that; I didn't have the lexicon that even supported an apparition or a personage or the Ether or anything else. I had no idea what all of this was. That's what I meant by I didn't consider myself a spiritual man. I mean, I believed in God, but I accepted that on a basis of faith and I did it as much as anyone else does."

The Angel Said Choose Peace

"And I really didn't know what to make of that," continues David. "When I came to, I stared back into the dirty face of one of my soldiers and my Rangers and they got me up on my feet. The surgeon was there and attended to me. I had a large welt on my head. There really wasn't a way to get an X-ray unless they had Medivac'd me a long ways away. And since I was up and I was ambulatory and I was drinking water and I was speaking without slurring my speech, they assumed he's okay and this was a big knock on the head. The bullet did not penetrate my head. The bullet lodged in my helmet and pressed my helmet against my head and that's what caused this large hematoma underneath my skin. I moved on for the next 47 days continuing to train and do whatever I had to do in the desert, but I was plagued almost daily and nightly by these nightmarish episodes, some of which were filled with instruction from this very benevolent being. Others were filled with taunting and mental torture and torment from these very malevolent beings."

A Tremendous Spiritual Toll

"...The really frightening ones were taking a tremendous spiritual toll on me. There were episodes where I would end up feeling that I was walking, wandering in a wind-blown darkness as though I was walking on some other planet in some nether world, and wandering towards a voice that I heard calling to me in the darkness. And I would follow it, and I would follow it, and I would end up finding myself walking out of the wind into a cave that was filled with darkness, and feel myself looking down at the feet of some personage. And as I looked up to this personage it would be MY face looking back at me... There was one in which I experienced myself being possessed by something else, or someone else, where I actually tried to cause harm to my family. And there is a very excruciating, very painful, second by second account of that in the book, of feeling as though I was being inhabited. I was looking behind, I was looking through the eyes of something else."

In a No-Man's Land Without the Tools

On The Zoh Show and 21st Century Radio® we have frequently explored the Shaman lineage of the many tribal traditions that, to this day, maintain exorcist and time travel and remote viewing abilities. In all of these traditions, much training is required to deal with the entities in the Etheric world that could be the creation of black magic, poor magic, hate, etc., and one of the remarkable aspects of David's odyssey is how he survived and even prospered without the benefit of the hermetic training that generally goes along with accessing these skills.

"It was very troubling," says David, "and I didn't understand how to process this. I spent a good deal of time in just quiet reflection about who I was and what I was going through, and what this message may have meant, and how I was supposed to process it... And all the while I'm still having to contend with being a company commander and 235 Rangers and 47 days of training left in the desert. I'll tell you, there were many things I could have done at this juncture, but what I did NOT do is share this information with my superior officer, who was Colonel Keith Nightingale. I couldn't do that. The Ranger Battalion is a very prestigious assignment, and it's very difficult to get there. Less than one tenth of one percent of the officer corps make it who ask to be there. So when you're there you're expected to maintain an extremely high level of functioning and performance, and if you fail in any level you are instantly removed and someone else is put in your place. I didn't go to Colonel Nightingale and say, 'Sir, you know I was knocked out on the desert floor the other day. I had this visitation by this apparition,' because, as you know, it would have been about 30 seconds later that somebody else would have been taking command of my company. So, I kept quiet about it and I just struggled with it and internalized it. And when I got back to Savannah I shared it with my wife, Debbie, who is a critical care nurse. Debbie was very concerned about what I was sharing with her. Debbie, too, is a practicing Mormon who is a very spiritual woman, but at the same time she said, 'I think you experienced some sort of damage here.'"

This Is Not Bad, This Will Get Better

"...I told Debbie I wasn't going to a doctor. Ego in careerism drove me to say, 'I can handle this myself. This is not bad, this will get better.'"

Although some people may believe from this description that David sustained some sort of soft tissue damage or electrochemical damage and the only solution was to see a psychiatrist, he knew that route would result in treatment of a psychotropic cocktail or "mental straight jacket" as he calls it, and a discharge from the army.

The Clan of Psychic Spies

David's next assignment was to a top secret classified unit code named "Royal Cape" in Washington, DC. Primarily dealing with clandestine covert military operations, this special access program required everyone to go through a very extensive battery and psychological evaluation, both oral and written. "A psychologist was detailed to this unit," explains David, "for the express purpose of monitoring each member of the unit, whether they were in a staff position or in an operative role, whatever they were, they were monitored and carefully looked after by this psychologist. It was during one of my second sessions or meetings with this psychologist where he was essentially keeping his finger of the pulse of David Morehouse and the family, that I divulged to him that I was having these nightmarish episodes. I called them nightmarish episodes whether they were good or bad because at that point I wasn't discriminating. If I had an episode, when I came out of it, as far as I was concerned, it was not a good thing, even though much of it was instructional. There was this battle of good and evil going on inside of me, but I wasn't at that point drawing a line and saying this was good and this was evil. I was just lumping it all into a very bad experience that was taking me out of the world that I was comfortable with.

The Blue Folders

In fact, David was almost convinced he was going insane, until he was introduced by this psychologist to "Sunstreak." After mentioning his episodes, the psychologist passed three blue folders to David and asked him to read their contents and report back. They turned out to be remote viewing sessions that were actually done in support of the failed Iranian hostage rescue attempt back in 1979, and what caught David's attention was the drawings or sketches and text describing the scenes. "They were sketched and described as though the individual were hovering above the target area, like they were in a helicopter," he said. "I had never seen anything like that really. It was like looking at an aerial photograph only these were hand renderings of a particular area of the American Embassy in Tehran. In the text, the viewer was talking to the monitor and the viewer was saying, 'I think I'm outside the target building now,' and the words that really struck me were these: the monitor now says to the viewer, 'Very well, pass through the wall and describe the contents of the room to me.' Just those words 'pass through the wall' - if I had read that in any other setting I would have laughed, I would have thought you've got to be kidding me. In Ranger terms what does that mean? Slap a piece of [explosive] on it and blow a hole in it and then pass through the wall. That's how I thought about it. You take a satchel charge and blow a hole in the wall and then clear the room. And then this guy is saying, 'Pass through the wall,' just in your apparitional form, 'Pass through the wall,' and describe the contents of the room to me. Well, it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. And it was really the hook at that point, I think, that just snagged me because it became very crystal clear to me that there is more out there than just the physical dimension in which we exist right now. Honestly, up to that time, even though I was experiencing and tasting and dipping into this other dimension on a routine basis, I still had not accepted it until I saw a top secret document that talked about a program the Joe McMoneagle and others were heavily involved in, as the real pioneers of all of this, and here I was reading accounts of their exploits, of their endeavors, to gather intelligence information for our country in this apparitional form - and it was very bizarre to me."

The two colonels in charge of the Royal Cape Program were adamantly opposed to David joining Stargate, because "they were really down on this particular unit. It did not carry with it a good reputation... mostly because of what was in it and how it was being run, they just hated it, they didn't want to see me do it." One colonel actually called David's wife at home and said, "Don't you let him do this, it will end his career, this will be the finish of him."

A Pack of Professional Liars

"This is an organization of freaks and misfits and nothing good has ever come out of it," they told David. "If you go there you're going to be terminating your career. You're going to be a general officer one day if you continue to follow the track that you're following. What in God's name would drive you to go be part of an organization such as this?" But David was intent on resolving the battle that was raging inside him between good and evil. He was looking for a place to help him sort out "the Ethereal realm that I was dealing with on a daily basis and the physical realm that I had to continue to exist in, to raise a family and be a father and a husband, etc." He had no way of merging the two entities, and was hoping that the people at Stargate would give him that opportunity.

Your Life Will Never Be the Same

On the back of Psychic Warrior, it says these were the first chilling words spoken to Captain David Morehouse as he sat facing the program director of Stargate, the U.S. Government's top secret espionage program after he accepted the position and was moved to Ft. Meade, Maryland. "What we do here is train selected personnel to transcend time and space to view persons, places or things remote in time and space and to gather intelligence information on the same. We want you to become one of us."

Those were very disturbing words, remembers David, "but at the same time, very comforting words because I thought, 'My God, thank you, now I can be in amongst people who understand what I'm going through, that can help me harness this ability that this gunshot wound gave me and perhaps I can continue to serve in some capacity and be of some value to the nation.'" And because he thought it would keep him from going slowly insane - much to the chagrin of his wife and superiors - he joined the unit and began the training protocols.

The Disciplines of Remote Viewing

The training program for remote viewing at that time was about a year to 18 months in order to be deemed an operational remote viewer, depending upon how quickly the viewer trainee adjusted themselves to the protocols and the disciplines of remote viewing. David says it's important to point out that all of us have this ability - it is not unique to Morehouse or Joe McMoneagle or Ingo Swann. "All of us have this ability. That was one of the things that the military program realized early on back in the 70s when they were developing this at SRI [Stanford Research International] in Palo Alto under Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff. They realized they did not have the luxury of seeking out naturals. They were going to have to find people that had a propensity to this, that had a profile that supported it, and be able to bring them in, send them through the training protocols, and build psychic warriors. That's what they wanted to be capable of doing, and indeed they did."

the beginning of the training, describes David, involved several weeks of reading all of the historical documentation to build a foundation of evidence in support of this phenomena. In this documentation, David learned that the Germans, the Czechs, the Chinese, the Russians and the Israelis were all heavily involved in research in psychic espionage.

The Dangers of Proceeding Without Training

"Remote viewing is not 100% accurate," says David in a warning to all who might be interested enough to experiment. "It never has been, and it never will be. It runs a spectrum of 60-80% accurate when it's working well. It can be worse than that, and it can be much better than that. And secondly, you never trust the results of any single remote viewer operating alone. In other words, if Dave Morehouse goes out and remote views Flight 800 and I come back with this very elaborate scenario, you can't trust that because I could be operating in a five percentile accuracy range at that particular moment in time. Or it can be 95% but you don't know, and I don't know. And then, thirdly, understand that remote viewing as a technology, as a weapon, was never used just in and of itself. It is not a stand-alone endeavor. It was always used in consonance with other collection methodologies, whether it was signal intelligence, photo intelligence, electronic intelligence, human intelligence. Any of those collection platforms operating alone are not 100% accurate, so all remote viewing did was provide one more piece of the intelligence puzzle. As long as you understand that and keep that in perspective and understand those as limitations then you have a good basis of understanding for which you can use remote viewing."

The downside for individuals who wish to learn to be remote viewers, explains David, begins with whatever it is that gave humans the senses that we use in the physical dimension. Most of us have a difficult enough time dealing with just the physical dimension, he notes, and "when you open the veil and you open conduits into the unconscious mind and to the collective unconsciousness of the universe, there's a tremendous flow of data that comes back and forth. And it is not as though you're able to apply filters or gates and decide which bits of information you will receive and which bits of information you won't. For remote viewers it was like becoming a human emotional antenna, and you had this constant flow of data coming into and out of your head constantly. And that becomes a difficult thing for remote viewers to deal with."

You No Longer Need Faith in God, You Have Knowledge

"Also, because you develop this awareness of all that is out there beyond the physical dimension, you no longer accept the existence of God or the existence of other things on the basis of faith, you KNOW that they are there. And because of what you experience and what you see and the doors that are open to you, it closes down your ability, quite often, in the early stages, to communicate with the rest of humanity. When you stand on the deck of Flight 103 over Lockerbee, Scotland, and watch it explode and watch 240 physical beings become something other than physical, you experience the emotional and the aesthetic trauma that takes place in an event like that, what do you do when you come home at night? What does your wife say to you? How was your day at the office, honey? So you're bringing home more than just a briefcase full of papers. You're bringing home all of these things, all of this emotional, aesthetic impact that was relevant to this particular target.

"...There's a great gift here that can service all of humankind. It is a great gift that will allow us to discern TRUTH in the coming millennium, and that's important. the problem is that at this particular stage, at this point in time, we've not developed a thorough understanding of the protocols, and how certain people will react to the protocols, whether it will be positive or whether it will be negative. And there's a good deal more research that has yet to be brought forward before we're able to just go out and openly train the masses to learn how to do this. It is certainly the objective and it is where we want to go with it, but we are not quite there yet."

What Can You Do with the Power of a Trained Mind?

"...You can turn genes on and off with your mind, and you can heal people from a distance, and view other planets, and collect information in an espionage fashion. But if you don't know how to protect yourself, and you don't know how to restore your whole psyche after each event, then you really do have pieces of yourself hacked away, like astral sharks biting at your being. Those astral sharks are out there. There is a tremendous negative energy out there in Ether and they love to envelop those of us that journey out of the physical dimension. They had had millenia to practice their craft and they will come after you if you are not prepared and cognizant of what's going on out there and you're blundering around out there in the darkness. Then you are subjecting yourself to all sorts of influences and rule, and you have no business being there unless you are psychologically and emotionally and spiritually prepared to make that journey. And that is not something that's being addressed by those that are teaching people how to do this right now."

David's Family Support Shield

David says his wife Debbie and their three children held the fabric of his soul together, along with his father and mother who stood next to him tearfully as he resigned after 18 years of service to the nation in order to go public with the information in his book, Psychic Warrior. "[My father] supported my decision to tell this story and was very angry about what happened and how I was treated. We should say, I was given an 'other than honorable' discharge after doing this, because I resigned and I stood away from the court martial where I would have been charged with dereliction of duty, wrongful disclosure of classified information, and I would have ended up serving a fairly enormous prison sentence because I chose to tell this information. I believed that I had a moral and an ethical responsibility to bring this information forward. My wife and my children, my mother, my father, and Mel, all of them kept me alive through all of this because I was truly at the bottom of some bottomless pit and continually falling. I was in utter darkness and these were the people that tethered me back to reality and kept things in perspective for me and kept me alive throughout this ordeal."

"What Do You Say We Just Tell the American People About It This Week?"

According to David, about two weeks before his book came out, landmarks such as the two buildings in Ft. Meade, Maryland, where his training began, were "bull-dozed and packed up and hauled away. [They] planted grass out there so the buildings are no longer there. The road goes out to where the buildings used to stand but there are no longer any buildings there anymore."

Damage control was to be expected, he says, for as he points out, for decades this ability was being sequestered away as an intelligence collection tool and at the same time, trying to be evolved into an active weapon of war. They wanted to turn it into remote influencing; they wanted to be able to access the mind of another human being and kill, or to be able to adversely affect that individual in some way. This was greatly disturbing to David and a number of his colleagues. So he wrote the book. Two weeks after it was announced that a movie deal was signed, "when Variety Magazine and Hollywood Reporter carried the article about the book and the movie to follow, says David, "the government goes 'gee, I guess we're not going to be able to kill this one.' Then all of the sudden 14 days later, in November of '95 I guess it was, here comes this well-executed media blitz by the CIA that says, yeah, we did this [psychic spying] and we only did it for 20 years and we only spent $20 million dollars on it, and it was only 15% accurate, and we no longer consider it a viable intelligence collection tool, and we're not going to do it anymore. And they actually believe all of us are stupid enough - or gullible enough - I should say, to think that the director of the Central Intelligence Agency actually came to work one day, and while he was sitting there eating a donut and swirling coffee said, 'Hey, you know that psychic warfare program we've had for the last 20 years? What do you say we just tell the American people about it this week?' They did it as disinformation and damage control. Anything that comes out of their mouths, you have to understand, has been restructured, reformatted, repackaged, and you're going to get a little bit of truth with a great deal of deception, and that's how they're going to feed it to the American people. And that's what they're going to do to try to minimize the significance, and what it really means to all of humanity."

Non-Lethal Weapons

David has since published a second book recently released called Non-Lethal Weapons: War Without Death, believing as he does that the nature of warfare will never change, only the way in which wars are fought will change. He describes humanity at a crossroads of human evolution where we have to make a decision: what are we going to choose in the coming millennium for methods of conflict resolution, since invariably there will be conflicts and the way weapons research is progressing the next arsenals will be behavioral modification weapons.

He is passionate about the development of non-lethal weaponry, weapons that destroy war machines, not people. He encourages the populace to force elected leaders to bring about the retooling of the defense industry to put away conventional weaponry over time, and to develop non-lethal weapons. "You know we killed 170 million innocent men, women, and children - not soldiers - innocent men, women, and children, in this century alone? We have developed a $900 billion a year conventional weapons industry marketing death and destruction across the face of this planet... and these guys don't want to hear about non-lethal weapons."

Remote Viewing the Gulf War

During Zoh's interview with David Morehouse on March 14, 1997, several callers requested David's remote viewing results on specific targets.

On the Gulf War Syndrome: "There was a biological agent that was released into the oil well plumes at the conclusion of the Gulf War. The oil wells were not ignited to cause some sort of environmental damage or impact... it wasn't the aerosol petroleums that caused birth defects or [illness that] they were able to pass on to their wives and their children... These individuals were poisoned by a biological agent that was released into that cloud. It was a classic, classic employment of a chemical-biological weapon, used all the way back in World War 1 when we were releasing fazgene gas. We never just threw a fazgene gas round out on the battlefield, because the plume from the round has a distinct texture, and a distinct color and the soldiers would put their masks on." But, as David further explains, soldiers hate to wear gas masks because "they can't see, they can't talk, they can't smoke, they can't drink, they can't do anything, and they can't even aim their weapon properly. So, they prefer, as soon as they can, to get that mask off." So, to drop fazgene gas, they would first drop white phosphorous on the battlefield to create a huge plume of white smoke so the soldiers would think it's just white phosphorous, just smoke on the battlefield. "When they rip off their masks, they inhale a lung full of fazgene and they're dead.

"The same is true in what happened in the Gulf War," continues David. "We used that plume of smoke from those oil well fires to mask the release of a biological agent. There's a doctor who just recently came to the surface by the name of Edward Hyman, who has said that he has isolated an unknown strain of bacterium in the bloodstreams of Gulf War veterans which he is attributing to the birth defects. There's no other way that you could pass it on except through the semen and saliva to your wife, and [thereby] you create a child that has grotesque birth defects and other things. It's such a tragedy that we knew these things were happening and... what we do is look at it from an economical and a legal perspective: if we deny it, then it will be 40 or 50 years from now when we finally admit it, and then we'll have only a dozen or two survivors left to contend with. The problem is, I don't think that the government realized how enormous and how widespread the release of this agent was, or what the repercussions would be of this agent so immediately."

Remote Viewing the Ark of the Tabernacle

"The Ark was a training target," explained David, "it was not an operational target. Don't think for a minute that the government had us looking at the Ark for some intelligence purpose. It was just one of those things that they had as a training target and 20 years of remote viewers worked that training target, and they had 20 years worth of cumulative data provided by remote viewers pertaining to the Ark... For me, it was an experience that was unequaled by any of the others. Probably the most significant thing that came out of it to me was that I stood in the presence of such pure goodness that I almost equated it to pure evil." David recalls one of the most powerful forces of this century, Hitler, and feeling the same force of power of that incarnation of pure evil in the presence of the Ark. "I was frightened because I thought I was standing in the presence of pure evil, and what I was actually doing was standing in the presence of overwhelming good, benevolent power. As I pulled back from it, as I was ushered back by the monitor, I passed through this circle of evil that had enveloped this goodness. It was unable to touch it, it had to maintain a given distance from it but it wanted it, it craved it, it desired it. Yet I felt myself pulling back through it. So I left this place of goodness and pulled back through these layers of evil that had enveloped it trying to get at it. That sounds like somebody's worst nightmare, I guess."

Much Ado About Hale-Bopp

David Morehouse was part of a group of three remote viewers who looked at Hale-Bopp for a third party. Their summary of the Hale-Bopp comet described it as a large chunk of ice with a tremendous tail and a gaseous layer that follows along with it. More than that, he categorically stated what Hale-Bopp was NOT: "It is not an alien Trojan Horse, it is not carrying spores, it is not going to shift the earth on its poles... While it is quite spectacular and wonderful to look at, it is not some horrific doomsday weapon that is being brought forward into our solar system... We will experience an electromagnetic wave, [which] will be significant to a certain extent, but it's not something that's going to shift us on the poles and do these other things."

The Destruction of Humanity Will Come from Within

"The demise of the human race is going to be something that we develop for ourselves, it's not coming from a planet, it's not coming from somewhere out in the galaxy. The salvation or the destruction of humanity will be something we create for ourselves, that's where it's going to come from. That's why remote viewing is such a tremendous gift for those who know how to use it because it will give us the ability to discern trugh, which is the most critical weapon that we can possess in the coming millennium... Just be very skeptical and very cautious about these kinds of things. Ask intelligent questions and expect intelligent answers and decide for yourself. And prayer is always a wonderful thing to help you sort it out."

An Assessment of Ed Dames and Flight 800

Ed Dames if a retired major, who, according to David Morehouse, "was not a remote viewer, [but rather] a monitor in this program. He did go through the remote viewing training but he didn't serve in any official capacity with the U.S. Government as a remote viewer. He was simply a monitor, an interrogator of remote viewers.

"I understand that he has stated that Flight 800 was downed by a failed fuel pump which was the same thing that the NTSB said. That was one of the speculations about Flight 800 was that it was a fuel pump. All I can say to you is that if it was indeed a failed fuel pump, they've recovered those portions of the aircraft and they would have certainly come forward and said that, if there had been conclusive evidence that that's what brought the aircraft down. There are a number of other remote viewers who worked this project, former remote viewers for the military, who came up with an entirely different scenario.

"...There were several of us, and I sort of proctored this with one of the major news networks, and they hired us to come in and look at the events leading up to and following the crash of 800. What was concluded was this: A missile played a role, but a missile was not responsible for bringing the aircraft down, nor was their any failure of any aircraft component that brought the aircraft down. What was observed by the remote viewers who worked the project was a coherent light beam or concentrated stream of energy. And that's all that was concluded was the fact that a streak of light struck the aircraft itself and then everything in the aircraft went haywire, and of course it exploded and ripped in half." The remote viewers then had to look at this concentrated stream of energy or light beam and try to identify what it was. Relying on earlier expertise and a knowledge about the potentials of laser weaponry, David went on the describe an "HPM weapon," or a "directed energy weapon that produces 1.4 gigawatts, a billion watts of power in a concentrated flow of electrons that are guided by a self-generated electromagnetic field. And this is a directional weapon."

Returning to Ed Dames and others who are offering public training sessions on remote viewing, David comments: "There is no moral vision. It's very seductive. Right now you can go pay $4500 dollars and nine days later walk out and consider yourself a remote viewer. The people that teach you are going to tell you you're a remote viewer, but you are not. You are an untethered cannon that is out there, and you have been armed with the basics of a phenomenon and a technology that will be the thing that will be a tremendous gift to us in the coming millennium, but it's just like giving a child a loaded weapon in my opinion."

In fact, David is very concerned with the approach that some of his former colleagues have taken to train people in remote viewing, mainly because there is no selection process, all one needs to do is send in the money. "I'm very skeptical of this uncontrolled anointing of anybody and everybody out there with this ability," he says, "because there is a downside to this. There is a price to be paid for unlocking the conduits into the unconscious mind, and there are people that are not ready for it."

Psychic Warrior: Inside the CIA's Stargate Program. The True Story of a Soldier's Espionage and Awakening, by David Morehouse, St. Martin's Press, 1996. For a cassette of the interview with David Morehouse with Zoh Hieronimus on the The Zoh Show on AM 680 WCBM Baltimore, send $10.00 to Hieronimus & Co., P.O. Box 648, Owings Mills, MD 21117.

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