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Santa Paul's Advice on how to get on
Santa's "Nice and Awesome" List

Yes, there really is a Santa Claus and his name is Paul H. Trattner! Brother Paul has returned to spirit but will as Benjamin Franklin said "like the cover of an old book, its contents torn out and stript of its lettering and gilding lies here, food for worms, but the work shall not be lost; for it will, as he believed appear once more in a new and more elegant edition revised and corrected by the author."

Over 40 years ago Santa Paul was the best student I ever had at the AUM Esoteric Study center who soon outpaced me and everyone else in his mastery of the occult sciences, mystical arts and religious metaphysics. I wrote about this in Part One of his memorial tribute which we posted in September 2013, mentioning the fact that Paul was the lone student in AUM's history to have ever succeeded in earning all three certificates in our curriculum.

In his later years, Paul became a beloved Santa Claus who performed real magic tricks for children of all ages. Here are two of his promotional shots, along with Santa Paul's advice on how to stay on Santa's Nice and Awesome list.

1. Be Kind to Everyone
2. Be grateful for everything – say "Thank You" often
3. Be helpful and of service to others
4. Give praise often to others
5. Never leave angry
6. Be careful of what you think – thoughts are things
7. Be honest
8. Recognize that we are all special in some way
9. Do your best always
10. Treat others as you would like to be treated

Thank you Santa Paul for making our spirits bright during the holiday season, and all year round.