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Dr. Bob Celebrates His Birthday in Style

With two trips to Oriole Park in one week, Dr. Bob dressed his "dapperest," despite 90 degree heat on the second game.

Here he is on his birthday trip when the special "Happy Birthday Dr. Bob" message showed up on the screen.

Click photos to enlarge.

Notice his Ravens-appropriate socks:

Dressed to the nines, but full of attitude!

A few days later he was treated to a very special outing with friends Chris Kaltenbach of the Baltimore Sun and Val and John Astin of acting fame and Johns Hopkins Theater professor.

See the four of them here sweltering in the unseasonable heat.

Both John Astin and Chris Kaltenbach are the serious kind of fan who keep score as the game is played!

After the game, Dr. Bob managed to convince another fan to sell him their game-played ball so he could present a memento to Chris Kaltenbach. They all signed it in commemoration of the day.

Joined by family members afterward at the One World Café.

Here is Vesta Kaltenbach (second from right), and John’s son and fellow actor Sean Astin (furthest on left), in town for the Baltimore Comic-Con where he was signing autographs for fans of Lord of the Rings:

Sean Astin borrowed Dr. Bob's camera for a series of selfies. This is what he looked like after we told him he should have won an Oscar for his portrayal of the faithful Samwise Gamgee in the Tolkien classics.

One World! One People! One Planet!

Happy 74th Birthday Dr. Bob! May you have many more.