Assassination Attempt Connected to the ‘Antichrist’ Agenda

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Listeners to 21st Century Radio know that I am one of the most vocal critics of the fundamentalist/evangelical Christian movement that is taking over the religious right wing, and trying to rewrite history with their moral agenda. You heard our programming denouncing the DC40 movement of the New Apostolic Reformation church that urged its followers to turn out the demons in Washington DC, tear down the images of the Liberty Goddess, and change the name of our capital to “District of Christ.” These are the same people depicted in the documentary film called “Jesus Camp” that advocate violence against those they disagree with, by convincing their followers that Satan is behind every tree and manipulating every leader who does not belong to their church. I looked with great concern at the date 11/11/11 because the DC40 group targeted that date as the culmination of their “siege on Washington”.

So it was unfortunately not with surprise, just with sadness, that I read about an attempted assassination of President Obama on that date, by a young man named Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez. According to the report in the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post this past Friday, Ortega believed Mr. Obama was “the devil” and had to be “taken care of”. He also was “obsessed with the date November 11, 2011.” I’m sure the Dominionist preachers who advocated the elimination of the politicians they consider “demonized” will not accept responsibility for this man’s actions, but I lay the blame squarely at their feet.

Friends, please be on the lookout and warn everybody you can about this radical form of so-called religious belief that advocates violent destruction of all non-Christians, as well as all symbols of the divine feminine, the goddess, which means destroying things like the Statue of Liberty. Remember, America was NOT founded as a Christian nation! It was founded as a nation where all religious beliefs are protected, with a clear division between church and state.

I’m not the only one connecting that attempted assassin Ortega’s beliefs to the New Apostolic Reformation. Check out these stories by Chip Bertlet at Talk 2 Action and Sarah Posner from The Guardian. At Hieronimus & Co. we will continue to alert as many of you as we can to this growing threat, but I’m afraid most people are underestimating power of this movement that now has billions of dollars backing it.

“Alleged presidential assassin Ortega-Hernandez reportedly called Obama 'the Antichrist'. So who put that idea in his head?” by Sarah Posner

“Obama, Assassination, and the Antichrist Conspiracy” by Chip Berlet

Associated Press article “Election-year goals of Christian group questioned” by RACHEL ZOLL - AP Religion Writer | AP – Mon, Oct 17, 2011


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