Historic Clinical Trial at Hopkins: Mistletoe to become Standard Cancer Treatment Protocol in U.S.

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Mistletoe (Iscador or Iscar)

When Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, D.H.L. founded the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center in 1984, her goal was to create one location where many options for complementary or holistic services would be available. The first professional she recruited was Dr. Peter Hinderberger, M.D., a physician who practices homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine.

Born and raised in Switzerland where he attended medical school, Dr. Hinderberger has studied internationally including professional courses in homeopathy from the National Center for Homeopathy, and under master homeopaths George Vithoulkas and Jacques Imbrecht.

Zohara has been proud of Dr. Hinderberger for 30 years because he is an exceptional healer, but she has never been as proud of him as she is today thanks to his involvement in this historical trial on a botanical cancer treatment.

Dr. Hinderberger has used mistletoe in his practice successfully for over three decades as an integral part of standard cancer treatment protocol. Mistletoe (Iscador or Iscar) is one of the most widely studied complementary and alternative medicine therapies in people with cancer in Europe. In certain European countries, preparations made from mistletoe are among the most prescribed drugs for patients with cancer.

But in the United States, no pharmaceutical company will fund the clinical trials necessary to allow oncologists to offer it to their patients as "standard of care". That is because mistletoe is a botanical that cannot be patented, and there is no huge profit to be made for them to fund this study.

So into this breach steps one of Dr. Hinderberger's extraordinary patients. After being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and a bleak prognosis, she is now free of cancer thanks to her lifestyle changes and mistletoe. These results sparked the interest of her oncologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and led to his decision to do a trial on mistletoe.

This is a Phase 1 trial for six to nine months to evaluate the safety, identify any side effects on a small group of patients, and serve as an intro study for further mistletoe trials. This study will cost approximately $300,000. Remember, because mistletoe is a natural substance and there is not a patent possibility, pharmaceutical companies will not fund this trial. All funding will come through philanthropic and private donations.

It is truly historic that none of the funds will come from Big Pharma, and that Johns Hopkins, one of the top ranked medical research facilities in the world, is doing a study on a botanical substance for cancer. This in itself is absolutely remarkable, but just as remarkable is that this is patient-driven, not initiated by the manufacturer, nor a researcher, or by Big Pharma, or an article in the New England Journal of Medicine. This is funded by a grass roots organization, not the government, but by us, YOU and ME!

You can be a proud and active partner of this historic event with a donation specifically for this trial. The link is www.BelieveBig.org/ClinicalTrial.html.

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The Mistletoe Clinical Trial has the potential to change the way cancer is thought of and treated in the United States. It is time for mistletoe to be an integral part of a standard cancer treatment protocol in the U.S.

Donate here:  www.BelieveBig.org/ClinicalTrial.html

More about Dr. Hinderberger here: www.Ruscombe.org/alternativehealthpractitioners/phinderberger.html

More information about mistletoe and cancer treatment: http://allgemein.mistel-therapie.de/index.php5?lang=1