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Exposing Deliberate Disinformation : Salas, Andrews, and Robbins Together on One Show!

21st Century Radio with Dr. Bob Hieronimus Jan 25, 2015

Free Audio Archive of this Historic Show Now Available

February 5, 2015

Our guests, former Air Force officer Robert Salas, Crop Circle Expert Colin Andrews, and Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident Expert Peter Robbins, document recent efforts to reshape public opinion through timely and deliberate disinformation. This is a formal protest against social engineering to manipulate your consciousness. We take a stand.

*NOTE: This show was planned as an alternative after Nick Pope declined our several invitations to address the concerns of Peter Robbins and others in this live forum. Instead we not only reviewed the “Deliberate Deception” that Robbins documents is prevalent throughout Pope’s book about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, but we also invited Robert Salas and Colin Andrews to share their own first-hand experience with government mis-information campaigns, particularly surrounding crop circles and UFO events at military installations with nuclear capabilities.

As a preview, here are some revealing comments from Colin Andrews from the off-air conversation that followed the interview:

Colin Andrews: What we’ve done with this radio show tonight is raise a very large question mark about social engineering. At the center of it all, across the whole gambit of subjects, whether it’s banking, whether it’s pure politics or religion we have something tremendously big going on right now in social engineering. Those special departments with numbers on their doors, we never get to see the people who are behind it. I think that’s really the question that’s being raised. Precisely what is behind all of this and why? A group of somebodies somewhere, a group of that cabal, are driving this thing forward and it’s right in our faces.  We look at individual pieces, but there’s a much bigger picture, and it concerns me greatly.

I think that everything, all of our work in these associated phenomena, associated as they are through consciousness. Through consciousness it all fits together. They all have to fit also into the engineering that’s going on.  There are many more people involved. We’re talking about the work of one asset, but there are a lot of people involved. GCHQ had these departments of social engineering, as you know. Snowden was the first to really blast it wide open, and they’ve never been able to close that door. And we all fit that. Everyone’s work is in there.  I would think that if Nick Pope supported and helped sell your first book, Peter, it was because what you were doing was promoting what they needed to be promoted at that time. And they’re modifying now, as they are modifying a whole range of subjects to fit the paradigm shift, that we’re moving into, and it’s not going to be particularly pleasant. I don’t know whether I’m right or not. I’m simply doing my best with a lot of inputs, and I think I’m somewhere near the mark. In the book On The Edge of Reality there is another mind, and I don’t think the public are particularly ready for this. I’ve pulled back some on discussing this myself, because it’s not just a matter of looking at UFOs, what’s on the ground and what’s in the skies. It’s what’s going on in the heads of human beings. And when you have people involved in making designs, whether they are receiving information or they are transmitting it, there’s total ample evidence in that book that there is another intelligence involved. The CIA did a remote viewing with their team, and they had a very satisfactory hit on that. About 11 remote viewers and what they came out with on the crop circle scene, they were targeting a number of particular patterns, was that it was non-human entities that were involved in their creation. The terminology is very interesting. It doesn’t mean to say it wasn’t people, but that non-human entities were involved in the creation. Why were they there? For non-human entities. The piece that was missing and the part that the media are unable to deal with for sure right now is that it’s via human beings. And the human being is already being interacted with. So consciousness is where it all is.

Free Audio Archive of this Historic Show Now Available

Some of the Reviews about this show from our Facebook pages:

Kate McKenna Lawler Good Truth is unfolding finally
Kate McKenna Lawler Incredible Show, STANDING OVATION, All of you on Tonight's show with Dr. Hieronimus did an incredible Job! More of the Truth unfolding Beautifully!
Lori Brooks Incredible Peter! As always.
Andy Young Great show Peter
Robert Hieronimus I just wish we had had 6 more hours! I'm sorry we couldn't get to everything we had planned to!
Kathy Kiki Angileri Loved it. Great job! Lots of amazing and well presented.
Peter Robbins So do I Dr. Bob. It was one of the most sobering and significant radio shows I've ever been a part of. Will post the link to the archived program in the next day or two. And thank you again for your courage in making this broadcast possible.
William James Smith Great show with Dr. Bob!
Elizabeth Trutwin Thank you for this, Peter. Your work is so important.
Dallas Michael Reese I enjoyed the heck out of it ! ... very informative...
Dallas Michael Reese See Peter...Bob has the same idea I have...We need a movie about all this..
Matthew Williams Well seeing as many think I am a MI5 agent, Nick Pope reveals that myself and others were actually put under surveillance for our UFO investigations work in relation to RAF Rudloe Manor. Would they do this if I was MI5?
James Clarkson I just listened to the whole broadcast today. That was an epic presentation going right to the heart of the Cover-Up. All three of you deserve to be commended for telling it like it is. Excellent informative program!
Tina Dickinson Never trusted the guy... Finally, the truth is coming out!!!
Valenya Valenya After taking in the interview, it sure seemed you've got a solid case. Odd that Nick Pope plays the role of a whistleblower regarding UFOs and Crop Circles, while being involved in a coverup of the same subjects.
Valenya Valenya oh, don't let this ruffle your feathers! Just suggesting it's interesting that a person who is so obviously blocking information seems to regard himself as some kind of Fox Muldar? Weird. Whatever, he's basically just another obstacle, no argument from this corner.
David Colman thanks peter.
Butch Witkowski Pope...The gift that keeps on giving!
Tiberius Kirk this was a great radio interview, Peter, Robert and Colin were excellent!!
Brigitte Barclay STOP THE PRESS !!!!What a FANTASTIC 2 HOUR show . I now need to go thought my scribbled notes ..and get back back to you on a few things Peter and Robert....and series of connected events...Oh yes ... Well Done to you all . Colin Andrews.
Peter Robbins Thank you Brigitte. This has not been a fun process nor a very popular one. Just an incredibly important one. I'm so proud of these extraordinary colleagues, not to mention the programme's host, Dr. Bob Robert Hieronimus, for standing with me in these matters. Your response and support are more welcome than you might imagine. Thank you in advance for helping us reach the widest audience we're able to..
Hi Colin, I gotta say that was a really good little interview and the three of you have so much evidence to prove our governments (MOD working above and beyond their remit) are full of shit and lies. If only this kind of evidence could be aired and heard by everyone on the planet! Then there would be a paradigm shift. And Robert or Peter ( not sure who said it) but they are right, you do deserve a bloody medal and a knighthood for everything you have done in pursuit of the truth of the UFO and crop circle mysteries. Excellent work and well done to all three of you. Encore, encore!!!
Bryan Williamson
This shite is so current - There is A LOT of disinfo out there... It's really a sub-industry so to speak..... Great stuff.
Chase Kloetzke Yes!!!!! I really want to listen to this!!!!
Doug Auld what a great show, and friends peter and colin are top shelf! i don't know robert but hope to someday. stay on it guys.
Steve Mera
Congratulations to yourself, Robert and Colin for an outstanding radio presentation. Thank you from all enthusiasts, researchers and investigators of the UFO phenomena. The implications of the topic are huge and most certainly need to be addressed. Thank you to Bob for arranging this monumental broadcast. I take my hat off to you guys... Oh and one last word.... Radioactive Rabbits... love it! smile emoticon Well Done to you all my friends.

Free Audio Archive of this Historic Show Now Available