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"Light" the Woodstock Bus - Updated February 2018

"Light" the Woodstock Bus was a Volkswagen 1963 Model Year Kombi.  Painted on commission by Bob Hieronimus in 1968, it went to Woodstock without him in 1969.  This site describes the exquisitely detailed, limited edition, collector's model created by Sunstar in 1/12 scale with many moving parts and attached musicians gear.  Adjustable rear-view mirrors, moving door handles, trunks and doors and windows that open easily, and the middle seats come out so you can put the accompanying musicians’ gear inside. You can recreate the Woodstock atmosphere again in your home as you relive those extraordinary days of peace and freedom. And it’s large enough for all the minute detail in the artwork to be visible.  The model measures 14" long x 6" wide x 6" tall and weighs approximately 6 lbs.

The diecast model of Light, the Woodstock Bus by Bob Hieronimus is temporarily unavailable. There are fewer than 15 left in stock, and you can sign up for alerts about when they will go back on sale.

See our ad and article about the bus in the July 31 edition of Goldmine magazine.

If you purchase directly from our website you will also receive several free bonus prizes and the option of having the roof of your bus autographed by the artist, Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus.


Stunningly packaged with a full-color 16-page booklet on the history and symbolic interpretation of the bus.


Limited Edition of 3,000 worldwide, 1,000 in the U.S.A. and only 100 available from this website.




Admiring his new Woodstock Bus is Steve Boone, bass player for the Lovin’ Spoonful, members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, class of 2000.


As Seen on USA Today online Sept. 23, 2013

Production of iconic vehicle will end Dec. 31, 2013. The last plant making the vans is located in Brazil. The VW 'bus' appeared on Bob Dylan and Beach Boys album covers.


The Famous Woodstock Bus

A Kombi that Tricked a Guard and Became Famous at Woodstock a new article by Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D. as seen on the Volkswagen website: www.kombi.vw.com.br/pt/historias in Portugese.

Read the whole article here.


Click here to see the 16-page fullcolor booklet included with the model bus.


The VW bus became a classic design icon, rich in romantic associations, symbolizing fun, freedom and adventure. Designed and painted by Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D., “Light” the Woodstock Bus went to Woodstock 1969 and was photographed by Associated Press and Rolling Stone and Life magazines. In the decades since then, several popular photos of this bus have been reprinted in retrospective articles, CD compilations, and other promotional pieces about Woodstock, until it has become better known as the “Woodstock Bus.”


General Model Bus Dimensions:

- 14" long x 6" wide x 6" tall
- Weight is approximately 6 lbs.

Sun Star Models Development Ltd. is a manufacturer of die cast and plastic models for collectors worldwide. Models range from 1/12 to 1/43 scale with many working mechanisms such as wheels, steerings, doors, hoods, and highly detailed motors and interiors, all packaged in attractive commercial boxes.



Photos: Rob Goald

Dr. Bob: "I painted the “Light” bus that went to Woodstock without me. It’s interesting with hindsight to observe how harmonically the symbols I painted on this bus matched with the theme that emerged from this powerful event. The “Light” bus was owned by my friend, Bob Grimm, who commissioned the painting on it so he would have something eye-catching and meaningful in which to drive himself, with his fellow musicians and their gear, to their performances. He named it after his band, “Light,” and it was with friends and fellow bandmates that he drove it up to Woodstock the following year."

Bob Grimm remembered arriving in the “Light” bus with Light’s drummer, Rick Peters, singer, Trudy Morgal, and his girlfriend at the time, Lynn. They got there the day before the first performances only to discover that cars were already being turned away. When a policeman told them they had to get out and walk, Grimm thought fast and said, “We’re taking this bus to the art exhibit.” Fortunately the ruse worked, and they were allowed to drive through. As the rain and mud increased over the next three days, the bus would prove an invaluable shelter to them, and many other passersby. Several famous musicians were said to have huddled inside for a few minutes. Grimm and friends parked the bus up the tree-lined dirt road, near the portable toilets on the hill to the left of the stage (“stage right”). The first day offered them a great view of the stage from the front window of the VW. Later they took to sitting on its roof, which is where Trudy and Ricky were sitting when the Associated Press photographer captured their famous image.

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