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Edith Mayo - Images

Votes for Women Classically clad female figure approaching the United States Capitol, with sunburst in background.

A variation of the Herald figure, classically robed, carrying an American flag. The background of the graphic is a gold color.

A version of the Suffrage Herald on a sheet music cover of the suffrage song, "Marching on to Victory. " The use of the sunburst and stars in the color red, not gold, is quite unusual.

Poster graphic emphasizing the maternal role of women as a basis for the right to vote.

This classic suffrage graphic, "Give Her of the Fruit," uses an idealized woman classically clothed, the color gold, and a biblical passage for its text. The graphic appeared in a variety of formats–on posters, magazines, pamphlets, etc.

Mrs. David O'Neil as the Goddess of Liberty, holding a torch of enlightenment.

Graphic entitled, "The Awakening." This classically clad woman walks across the map of the United States from west to east, bringing the torch of enlightenment about suffrage. Notice the outstretched arms of women in the east waiting to receive the torch.

Inez Milholland as the purple and white logo on all National Woman's Party stationery.

Idealized motherhood depicted after women get the vote. Notice classical clothing, the torch which becomes a banner, and mainstream suffrage's political ideals for women: Justice, Equality, and Service (to the political state and her community).



Uncle Sam and his wife depicted in a comic postcard promoting the ideal of equal rights and political cooperation between the sexes.





CURATOR'S NOTE: Many collections on Woman Suffrage in repositories across the country contain similar suffrage images. With one except, credited to the Library of Congress, all the images in this exhibit can be found in the Women's History Collection, Division of Social History (Political Collections), National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. I would like to acknowledge the support of my colleagues over many years at the Institution.