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The Hieronimus & Co. Journal is published because it helps preserve in hard copy format some of the important interviews conducted by Zoh and Bob Hieronimus.


The Hieronimus & Co. Journal Issue #22 is currently available!

$6.50 postage paid. Issue #22 includes these blockbuster articles:

  • Love is the Healing Ray
  • How Much We Don’t Yet Know!
  • Catastrophe In Paradise: To See Our Future, Look to the Past
  • How 50 Million People Are Changing the World
  • Why Did JPL Release a Filtered Picture of the Face on Mars?
  • Who Was Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds?
  • Why Should We Trust Our Leaders About UFOs?
  • Paul LaViolette Says ET Is Already Phoning Home
  • Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s Letter to Hieronimus & Co.
  • Zoh Hieronimus Is the Best Radio Talk Show Host in Baltimore!
  • Notes on Prayer by Zoh

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