Art Car by Dr. Bob Hieronimus "Founding Fathers"
With the theme of Spiritual Vision and the Founding of a Nation

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Here is the new Artcar in progress by Dr. Bob Hieronimus! Target completion date is March 25, 2006 when he will be lecturing at the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore for FortNite Ď06. The themes of both the car and the lecture are based on Dr. Bobís new book, FOUNDING FATHERS, SECRET SOCIETIES: Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and the Decoding of the Great Seal. This book is being published by Inner Traditions International as a revised and expanded 7th edition of America's Secret Destiny.

Dr. Bob Hieronimus is painting a mural on his 1983 Mercedes SL sedan. The theme of this "art car" is the same as that of his new book: the Founding Fathers and the lesser-known influences on them as read through our nation's symbols of flags and great seals. These photos show his progress through January 24, 2006. The preliminary sketches for the car (below) show how the League of the Iroquois Indians are one of the hidden layers behind the evolution of our flag.

Dr. Bob will be driving the "Founding Fathers" car in several Art Car Parades in 2006! Look for him at Artscape, the Baltimore Book Fest and more. Check back here soon for a schedule of appearances.

Please visit our website for the Founding Fathers BOOK at You can also click here to order the book from or call 1-800-246-8648. Best-selling author, David Ovason, said about Dr. Bob and this book: "I can think of no living man who has done as much as Dr. Hieronimus to investigate and promulgate the mysteries surrounding the secret founding of the United States of America... This new book is no mere reworking of America's Secret Destiny. It is a new book, charged with a new enthusiasm. It is a balanced examination of those esoteric streams which have contributed to the North American civilization."

Click here to view Dr. Bob's "Woodstock bus" and some of his other painted cars!

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