Celebrate Life

by Elizabeth Owens

It is my belief and experience that our thoughts create our experiences. If we change our thoughts, we change our lives. Thinking positive thoughts during challenging situations certainly assists us all in creating better lives for ourselves. That message is the common thread that is sewn into each of my books.

Writing is teaching, and I love to teach. Each of my books instruct the reader in methods that will uplift their lives. No one of us is blessed with a charmed life, stress-free and totally fulfilling. Would that it should be so, but it isn’t. So, we have to learn how to change those lemons we are dealt into the best lemonade possible.

I wrote Women Celebrating Life to assist women in creating a happier existence. I believe so much in the benefits of journaling, that it is incorporated within each ceremony or suggested at the end. The purpose of the journaling is to create new vision, facilitate healing of the soul, provoke deeper thoughts and bring resolution to an issue. It has been my privilege to share many personal experiences, as well as those of friends and clients I have counseled in my work as a spiritual counselor. Some are humorous and many every women will relate to---sooner or later.

How To Communicate With Spirits was written for anyone who wishes to communicate with those who are in the spiritual world. Many of us remember having visitations as a child, and that cord to the other- side-of-life can be activated once again. Some of us are fortunate to have psychic experiences and events occurring now. My book will assist in your desire to bridge the gap between the earthly world and the spiritual one. When our inner and outer worlds collide, spirits can help us. Those who once loved us before they crossed over to the spirit-side-of-life are only too eager to help and protect us. Their love has not changed, nor their desire to help. All you have to do is learn how to open the doors of communication.

It is my desire that women learn to regard and value themselves as divine beings, and gain a greater appreciation for who they truly are and who they are becoming. That’s why I wrote Women Celebrating Life, to show women HOW to accomplish this objective. We do it through ceremony. It is my belief and experience that if we honor our feminine energy through ceremony, we can become better acquainted with our inner selves. Through ceremony, women can heal their spirits and create new realities in most situations, simply by choosing to see the positive in all events in life.

Women Celebrating Life covers many avenues in a woman's life. From puberty to turning eighty, each woman can find what suits her current circumstance. Since most women view birthdays as irritants, there are ceremonies offered for every age that will give women a positive perspective on birthdays so they may choose to celebrate this wonderful day, honor their unique selves and bring glory to the day they were born.

Graduation, marriage, the impending birth of a child-- are examples of happy occasions that can be celebrated through ceremony, thereby assisting women in opening their arms to receive the abundance that awaits, the newness that lies just around the corner.

The intention of some of the rituals is to initiate the healing process. All ceremonies are intended to project positive energy into every circumstance, producing a brighter outlook and more stable emotions. A happy heart and positive thoughts attract favorable happenings.

Whether you are turning 21 or 50, having a baby, getting divorced or entering menopause, you can embrace and honor ALL the events in your life through meaningful rituals. In solitude, you can perform ceremonies that will release pent-up emotions, soothe old wounds, and nurture the feminine spirit.

Women Celebrating Life is a how-to manual and journal, written to help women manifest a more fulfilling existence. It gives specifics on how to perform ceremonies to raise a woman's consciousness, attract happy circumstances, and promote healing of the emotions. In an age where society sings the praises of the young, Women Celebrating Life also recognizes and cheers the spiritual attributes of women who have experienced life.

My wish is for women to honor their experiences and hail their presence as being wondrous. We are unique individuals who are blossoming into the gorgeous roses we were intended to be. From the seed to the flower...Perfection...

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Many blessings,

Elizabeth Owens


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