Source: Filer's Files #36 MUFON Skywatch Investigations, George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern, September 5, 2001, http://www.filersfiles.com

Source: http://www.earthfiles.com

CHILBOLTON RADIO TELESCOPE -- Two new incredible Crop Circle formations or glyphs appeared in Southsea, Hampshire next to the radio telescope gives evidence of extraterrestrial contact. The first glyph appeared on Tuesday, August 14, 2001, that shows a framed alien face with large dark eyes and a small mouth. According to an employee at the Chilbolton Observatory on Monday, August 20th, a second glyph appeared inside of a fenced area with a complicated binary code that seems to be a reply to a message broadcast from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico on November 16, 1974. Astronomer Frank Drake and Carl Sagan sent a strong signal into space towards M-13 a star system 25,000 light years away. That radio signal depicted a stick drawing of a human and the Earth's location in the solar system. An apparent alien answer to the radio signal in a pictogram has caused a heated controversy. Some say aliens made the glyphs. Others claim hoaxers using boards to knock down the wheat made the glyphs for an upcoming television program. The glyph is very complex and tells us the aliens have large heads in comparison to bodies smaller than ours, provides their DNA, and that they apparently live on Mars and Jupiter if you assume they are in our solar system. The glyphs are composed of hundreds of little cells acting as pixels in the wheat. Charles R. Mallett and the BLT scientist team have already made some preliminary discoveries indicating the glyphs are real and not hoaxed.

Genuine crop formations or glyphs are often observed with plasma balls or luminous orbs over them, sometimes strange sounds are reported, people entering the formation claim physiological effects, large knuckle like or exploded nodes are noted on the stalks of grain, meteorite dust is often found within the fields, and electronic and electrical effects can be measured. Formations made by tricksters do not have any of these effects although; it has been suspected that some tricksters may have seeded fields with swollen-node-stems. Hoaxers could seed a formation with authentic swollen-node-stems, but this would be a difficult process. First authentic matching plants with swollen nodes would need to be dug up, transported, successfully transplanted, and kept alive at night without leaving traces. Crop circle Electronic/magnetic sensors are able to pick up various kinds of readings in authentic fields.

Bruce Maccabee wrote, "At my suggestion Paul Vigay has compiled a graphic representation of the number of agriglyphs per month for the last several years. It shows that the foot and mouth disease restrictions on entering fields had little or no effect on the numbers. Very heavy fines are given to be who enter fields without permission. Experts on both sides are withholding judgment until scientific analysis can be made of the alleged alien message and its authenticity. Early indications are that the glyph contains information that could only be known by high order of intelligence. Some scientists claim aliens would not communicate in this way, but they may not use radio communication since it so slow. Thought waves sent from the Moon by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell were virtually instantaneous. Aliens may want everyone to see their handiwork. Perhaps they have attempted to reach various governments who have ignored them, and they prefer to openly communicate. There are many possibilities and its too early to rule out alien contact.

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