Discs in the Air, but also in Ancient Barrows and Burial Mounds

by Maj. George A. Filer

Source: Filer's Files #31, July 29, 2001, http://www.filersfiles.com

All around our world there are numerous ancient disc shaped burial barrows, tumuli, or mounds that were built to bury our ancestors. When I flew for the Air Force, I noticed many mounds from the air in many parts of the world. Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois, Florida, the Middle East, and the area around Stonehenge in England have many examples that still exist. Thousands were built in America, and 18,000 were built in Britain 5000 years ago during the Bronze Age. Both in Great Britain and America thousands of flint discs have been found inside the American Indian and British burial mounds.

Recent evidence has also uncovered an ancient alphabet that appears to have been used throughout the ancient world. The burial barrows are constructed to a precise plan, where the periphery of a circle is marked by posts and stakes and is called a palisade. Now, 5000 years later, the barrows still maintain their basic structure unless destroyed by grave robbers or modern construction projects. Within this palisade the dead were buried and a discoid shaped structure was built that looks remarkably like present day UFOs. Not only was a disc shape used in construction but also, each dead body was buried with its own carved disc. Sometimes these small discs came from a hundred miles away and were often carved or chipped from flint stone. Archaeologists claim these disc barrow builders were worshipers of the sun and moon. I asked investigator John Thompson his opinion. He stated, our ancestors saw "things" in the sky and intuitively, but probably incorrectly and as modern man is doing, decided that Gods from space were/are visiting us. They, however and more astutely than us, made the death-heaven connection. Why bury models of UFOs with themselves if they didn't think that these entities "aboard them" were not connected to the so-called spirit-world they were entering? Its obvious they saw linkage between what they observed in the sky and where they believe they were going after dying.

The archeologists maintain that the discs represented sun or moon worship. Drawings and carvings have been made of the sun and moon for ages, the sun is usually represented as a circle with lines or rays and the moon is generally crescent shaped. So we can hypothesize that our ancestors, like Ezekiel who saw a UFO in the sky, probably worshipped or at least prayed these craft would take them to heaven or at least keep their souls alive. Discs are clearly depicted in the 2,500 year old palace of Darius at Perseopolis in Iran. I think we can assume the depiction's of disc craft with triple landing gear are accurate and it makes good sense to assume they were in our skies in ancient times.

These UFO discs have been depicted in 18,000 years old ancient caves in France. The Egyptians believed a metal craft with a metal door carried the souls of the dead who had led a good life. Many of the objects found in the barrows carry out the disc theme and its importance to the people. Clothing and capes were fastened over the upper chest with a disc measuring two inches in diameter. Jewelry, early armor and even the chief structures of worship carried out the disc theme. Stonehenge itself covered by wood would make a nicely shaped disc. Ancient sites such as New Grange in Ireland, believed to be the world's oldest structure is shaped as a disc. It is similar in appearance to the Mound of Kinowth and both have the disc shape with a rim and representations of windows that faithfully imitate the real object. If the ancients intended to imitate either the moon or the sun their structures would look very different. Almost everywhere in the world myths, customs, and religion claim their individual ancestors came from space. I suggest the history or the world is very different if we recognize the importance of disc UFOs.

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