Visit the Mayans and Learn about UFOs!

by Christopher O'Brien
author of: The Mysterious Valley & Enter the Valley (St Martins Press)

We are now going full-speed ahead promoting the Palenque 2001 Emergence Conference and I want your listeners to know about this special event which I feel will be a unique proactive step forward toward understanding (and possibly interacting with) the UFO phenomenon. We need to sign up a minimum of 40 people by the end of July to hold our block reservation at the Chan Kha Resort Village where the conference is being held. It is located about 1/2 mile from the entrance to the ruins and is the finest facility in the region.

My brother (who lives in the Yucatan) operates Mayasites, the travel company handling all the Mexico logistics for the conference. He has been working with Alonso Toporak and Christopher Powell-- two top Mayan experts and doing extensive research into the Mayan portal opening rituals.

It is well known that the Maya developed the most sophisticated view of Time ever conceived by humans. What is NOT well known are recent discoveries indicating that the Maya also had extensive knowledge about "the Masters of the Stars" and other non-human intelligences and for hundreds of years apparently knew how to summon and then interact with these beings at specific portal sites- --like Palenque. Apparently these portals were opened by nobles and priests with the ritual use of human blood. Very few people know about this blood-based "magikal" aspect of the Mayan culture---probably for good reason! I have been personally researching this intriguing fact because I suspect there is a ritualized aspect to the modern cattle mutilation phenomenon which will be the subject of my presentation at the conference. Although we won't be utilizing human blood during our nighttime field-trips to the ruins, I suspect Lyssa Royal (who has already done extensive "contact" work at Palenque) may help make these proactive sessions more than a little exciting!!!

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