Arthur C. Clarke Stands By His Belief in Life On Mars


SMITHSONIAN'S NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM -- Sir Arthur C. Clarke, probably the world's most famous space author, spoke by phone from Sri Lanka on June 6, to the Wernher von Braun Memorial Lecture Series. He told the audience he believes that new images of Mars clearly show the red planet dotted with patches of vegetation, including trees. He feels this fact may spark new exploration of Mars. He and director Stanley Kubrick joined to produce "2001: A Space Odyssey." Clarke claims to have studied images from Mars taken by the now-orbiting Mars Global Surveyor on his home computer. Clarke encourages everyone to have a really good look at these new Mars images," Clarke said. "Something is actually moving and changing with the seasons that suggests, at the very least vegetation." There is something akin to Banyan trees in some Mars photos.

Editor's Note: I personally have also studied these images and agree with Sir Arthur Clarke that there are signs of vegetation evident in the photos. I had experience in photo interpretation while in the Air Force and I think the water at the Martian Poles is melting in the spring and creating some kind of vegetation as it moves towards the equator. The color and branches appear similar to trees. In addition, there also appear to be structures, possible earth moving equipment, tunnels, and other indications of Martian Life. Having traveled to many of our Earth's pyramids, the D&M Pyramid on Mars is particularly intriguing. The five-sided pyramid reveals a structure that is contradictory with the surrounding geology. Neither volcanic nor other geomorphologic processes are likely to create a natural mechanism for the formation of an equilateral five-sided pyramid. Further like our own pyramids the structure is situated in a complex surrounded by other likely structures.

The pyramid is only part of the larger Cydonia complex. The structures have a similarity to the ancient Kingdom of Kush in Sudan. We can speculate the Cydonia complex may represent some type of fortifications or religious compound. The corners of the D&M Pyramid appear to point towards the city at Cydonia and the Mars face. The pyramids on Earth are known to be structures built by intelligent beings, it seems logical that intelligence was needed to build or shape the D&M Pyramid. Additionally, the possibility of a tunnel complex on Mars creates even more interesting questions. The intricate relationships are so numerous that I must agree with Sir Arthur Clarke that the highly sophisticated designs indicates life on Mars.

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