by Maj. George Filer



WAYNESVILLE -- Kenny Young reports he is investigating a case that tookplace on April 25, 2001, when civilians and law enforcement officers in Warren County report a very strange object in the evening skies. A couple was the first to report a circular lighted object hovering silently. The big light of the UFO, pulsating or changing color and brightness, was encased within a structure that resembled grid work or cabling. The couple advised the Lebanon City Police Department around 10:15 p.m. and the Warren County Communications Center dispatched a Waynesville police officer that confirmed the unidentifiable nature of the object and reported a second UFO in the area. As other officers respond the dispatchers at the Warren County Communications Center telephone a base operator at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton and to Airborne Express at the Wilmington Airport in Clinton County. Both flight control facilities denied any knowledge of the UFOs.

While the Waynesville police officers view the object from Wilkerson Road, a police dispatcher also observed the same object from her position at the Warren County Communications Center. An officer with the Caesar's Creek State Police also notes the UFO from his location to the east of Waynesville. A third UFO is sighted in the area during the event, and the police witnesses repeatedly affirm a cogent distinction between the suspected UFOs and routine stars and airplanes. The objects move off as other officers from the Ohio State Patrol arrive on the scene. The next evening, UFOs are again viewed from Wilkerson Road at 9:48 PM, and also by officers near the Waynesville Airport. Another unusual object is seen seven hours later that pursues a motorist near Genntown, Ohio (about 5-miles from Waynesville). A female complainant advises the Ohio State Patrol of her 'extreme concern' regarding a triangular object with "super bright lights" that pursued her automobile while traveling on Route 122 at 5:00 AM at April 26.

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