Mercury Goes Retrograde Sunday June 2

by Bruce Stephen Holms

The planet Mercury goes retrograde today Sunday JUNE 2. Mercury stays
retrograde for three weeks until Wednesday JUNE 27.

Mercury (Greek Hermes) is the wing-footed messenger God. Androgynous Mercury
influences travel, communication, intelligence, commerce, and social interaction.

The good news is that Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to complete unfinished
business and tie up loose ends. Complete existing projects instead of beginning
new endeavors.

The bad news is that one can lose keys, get lost while driving, experience computer and communication mishaps, and miscommunications in general. It is inauspicious to sign
important documents during Mercury retrograde.

During these next three weeks, be patient with others when they mis-communicate or
become easily overwhelmed or scattered. It's just Mercury's way of having a little
fun with us humans.

This JUNE 2 Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Gemini and will most
strongly effect Gemini and Virgo individuals.
Bruce Stephen Holms
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