Mercury Retrograde:
A Look Back

Excerpted by permission from a new book by Chrissie Blaze:
Your Survival Guide to Astrology's Most Precarious Time of Year

We've all felt them . . .

Those moments when our lives seem to be going ... backward.

It's happening everywhere, to just about everyone. For three weeks at a stretch, maybe five, communication breaks down in a thousand weird ways. Wires get crossed, messages lost. The cell phone dies in the middle of a call. A package never arrives. We sign contracts for deals that go horribly wrong. We squabble with friends or loved ones.

Most such moments are trivial in themselves—but collectively they pack a punch. The phone call we miss might have been a dream job offer. The package that never comes might contain our kid's asthma medicine. A thoughtless word can fracture a friendship.

During these times, we may feel that we just can't get on the right wavelength. We're out of sorts because we're out of synch. Trouble seems to multiply. Travel plans go terribly awry. Couples split. Accident and sickness rates soar. Projects launched on waves of enthusiasm drown in dismal failure.

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