Divers Find Ruins of Mythical City off India

Source: Conspiracy Journal


Explorers believe they have discovered remains of a mythical city off the coast of India. According to legend it was swallowed up by the sea about 2,000 years ago.

An expedition from the Scientific Exploration Society and India's National Institute of Oceanography discovered the ruins off the coast of Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu.

Structures which appear to be man-made were found at depths of five to seven metres. Local legend tells of a great city containing seven temples, so beautiful that the jealous gods sent a flood to engulf it.

Author Graham Hancock, who has spent 10 years investigating early civilisations, joined the expedition. He is convinced the city is the same as the one referred to in the legend.

A spokeswoman for the Scientific Exploration Society said: "Southern India has a big tradition of myth that large areas were inundated by the sea. It's difficult to tell how old the site is. The NIO has said it is 1,500 to 2,000 years old.

"The ruins include walls, steps and stone blocks. The structures have been severely damaged over the years but are clearly man-made. Everyone is very excited about the discovery."

In January scientists announced the discovery of an ancient metropolis 120ft under the sea in the Gulf of Khambhat, north-west India, which could be on of the oldest cities known. Fragments of pottery, carved wood, bone and beads have been dated to more than 9,000 years old.

Mr Hancock believes the discovery supports his theory that complex civilisations existed in the Ice Age but were wiped out when the ice melted, submerging 15 million square miles of land.

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