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If you've been following the field of radical energy research, you know that there are many approaches to "free-energy" (i.e., drawing energy from the "quantum vacuum" that pervades all of space).

These approaches fall into several categories, of which the best-known are

1) so-called cold-fusion (and related quasi-electrochemical processes), whose primary output is heat, and

2) "solid-state" or "motionless" concepts, whose primary output is electricity.

Some of the latter work is based partly on Tesla's research and involves principles that were known but were apparently swept under the rug by some of electricity's pioneers because they didn't seem to make sense at the time.

Dr. Thomas E. Bearden (nuclear engineer, retired Army Lt Col.) has, for many years, been pursuing research in the latter domain. Until very recently Bearden was known primarily as a theorist. But during the last few years he and his colleagues have moved into the lab and have been constructing working prototypes of "free-energy" devices.

Four days ago this group was awarded a US patent on their device. They intend to start commercial production within a year, with a device capable of powering a modern home and selling excess power to the grid.

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By Bill Morgan <wmorgan@nycap.rr.com>
March 28, 2002

A patent was granted on March 26, 2002 for "The Motionless Magnetic Generator," (MEG) US Patent 6,362,718, which is likely to become the first commercially available free energy device in history in about one year from now. The machine will provide free electricity from the vacuum, for the life of the device, which should be a very long life since it has no moving parts.

You can see a picture of a model of it from scientist Jean Louis Naudin:


It has strong magnets, coils, and a controller unit with the electronics.

Naudin made the announcement to the MEG-builder's Yahoo group. The announcement has significance since the patent office has always been skeptical of devices which seem to get-something-for-nothing. But according to the new science of scalar electromagnetics, the MEG does not break the law of conservation of energy. It's just that the energy is conserved in the fourth dimension, time, and not our 3-space world.

The MEG provides electrical energy by tapping the longitudinal electromagnetic (EM) waves which exist in almost infinite abundance in the vacuum of space. This ocean of energy which permeates everything is sometimes called the "zero point" energy, since it remains there even at absolute zero temperature.

Four inventors are listed: Stephen L. Patrick, Thomas E. Bearden, James C. Hayes, Kenneth D. Moore.

Tom Bearden has explained the operation of the MEG on his website Cheniere.org, and also speaks about the new fearful weapons that can and have been made using the same "longitudinal waves" of the vacuum. The complicated physics of how the MEG works is explained in the paper "The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator: Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy Replenishment from the Active Vacuum," which can be found at Tom Bearden's website:



The first MEG units to be produced for sale will output 2.5 kilowatts of free electricity. Forever. They should be in production about a year from now. Facilities for manufacturing the device are being set up in an unnamed "friendly nation."

This free electricity will flow indefinitely, without much, or any maintenance. The units may be hooked together to provide more wattage, so four of them would provide 10 kilowatts. After some production experience units will be made which output 10 kilowatts each. With a couple of those units a house could get off the electrical grid.

Tom Bearden, one of the inventors has said "I will admit that the chief scientist of an important experimental group in a large company was rather stunned at the type of output we were able to obtain. The MEG may look like just a transformer, but it is not. It is a completely different breed of cat." This cat, it would seem, is out of the bag now. The ordinary EM waves we are familiar with are called "transverse" waves, to distinguish them from the new "longitudinal" EM waves of the vacuum.

Bearden has explained in depth on his website cheniere.org that wherever there is a dipole (battery, generator, magnet) there is an unseen flow of longitudinal EM waves in that local vacuum, the only problem is in tapping that energy and "transducing" it to electricity. Bearden says that the problem with all the electrical circuits we have is that they are two-wire circuits, a loop by which half the energy goes back to destroy the dipole. In the MEG that closed loop is never made. So the dipole is not being destroyed.

Patents are not granted on devices which do not work, so in a sense this announcement proclaims a new era. The MEG device itself proclaims and proves that energy is bundantly available everywhere, for free. We only have to build the devices to tap it. MEG type devices could be put into a car with an electric engine to make a truly fuel-less automobile. Electricity can be available in very remote places. People will be able to get off our very terrorist-vulnerable power grids. In an era of terrorism a highly dispersed power system would be most desirable rather than our centralized systems.

What is somewhat astonishing to me is the discovery by Bearden et. al. that time itself is actually compressed energy, and that this free energy is actually coming from the time domain, the ocean of longitudinal EM waves which fill the empty vacuum of spacetime. In fact, time is energy compressed by the same factor that matter is compressed energy: the speed-of-light squared. Thus there is a new companion to Einstein's E=mc2. Can you say "E equals delta-tee-cee-squared?" The "tee" is time and delta-tee is change in time.

A company has been set up to manufacture the MEG called Magnetic Energy Limited.

The ramifications of free energy are enormous. The oil wars are not necessary. If we threw as much money at this technology as we are spending on the oil wars we would be free of the need for oil in less than a decade.

With fuel-less cars air pollution will be greatly lessened. Third world nations can raise their standard of living eventually. And the energy is free. And it never runs out.

I have put together a kind of "Bearden for Beginners" article which explains some of the basic concepts of the current state of scalar technology.


The granting of the MEG patent is the herald of the new era of scalar electromagnetics, and the free energy which flows forever and never runs out.



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