Shirley MacLaine Interviews Dr. Bob

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Acclaimed actress and author and spiritual seeker Shirley MacLaine called up Dr. Bob recently and asked him to be a guest on her Internet-only radio show heard on She's always been fascinated by America's Great Seal, the subject of Dr. Bob's doctoral dissertation, and in fact, they corresponded on this subject years ago. Check Shirley's website for information on tuning in to this subscription based program which will air in two parts on August 22nd and August 29th, 2004 at 10 PM Eastern. Hear a fascinating and free-wheeling conversation between these two inquiring minds that revolves around the influence of esoteric orders - such as the Rosicrucians and Masons - upon Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and other key figures in history. You'll find that a spiritual vision of America's future was set forth in our most significant national documents and symbols.


Order Dr. Bob's book, America's Secret Destiny: Spiritual Vision and the Founding of a Nation here:

21st Century Radio News -Click here for more articles like this.

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