A Few Words Dedicated to Dr. Eugene Mallove

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At least four words come to mind when we think about Gene: eloquence, intelligence, persistence and connectivity. Eloquence because no one other than Gene could take a complicated concept like cold fusion and its web of history and make them so understandable and simple and with such beautiful descriptive phraseology so that virtually everyone could comprehend them. His ability to communicate both verbally and in writing has been far understated. As a result, what Gene did for the world and his friends, and eventually readers, was to repeatedly remind us that there was hope and a reason to continue to fight for truth. Gene sought the truth and his astute observations, his wonderful sense of humor, and attention to scientific detail, made the dullest details come more alive. Everyone knew of Gene's sharp mental acuity, ability to take, what was from other's perspective, the most obtuse scientific ideas, absorb them, and help others grasp them better.


If it were not for Gene's "stick-to-it"-iveness, some of developments in cold fusion and the accountability of cold fusion's early cover-up would still be at the back of the line. The same is true for other forms of alternative energy science. We never would have brought out the demonstration unit without Gene's help, encouragement, and suggestions.



Gene's ability to connect people from all walks of life has been unsurpassed by no one in this field, and as a result, in the United States, cold fusion became a more seriously respected science. It expanded, and soon Gene's interest in publications led to him being a Contributing Editor to the Cold Fusion Times for two years, and then created two additional superb energy magazines, including Infinite Energy, now read around the world.


We think about Gene all the time and how much he meant to us. As the photographs and record show, Gene glowed when he saw the excess heat results, and the first time he saw it in our laboratory, he brought a cake to celebrate with us.

To say that Eugene Mallove will be missed is the understatement of the year. Thank you, Gene for all you gave us and the Universe, and for reminding some of us, "Ad Astra per Aspera". And to Joanne and family, our hearts are with you.



Dr. Mitchell Swartz, Gayle Verner
July 1, 2004



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