Fallen Hero, Dr. Eugene Mallove, June 9, 1947 - May 14, 2004

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Note: This obituary of our good friend, Gene Mallove was written by Steve Krivit of the New Energy Times, http://www.newenergytimes.com

Dr. Bob Hieronimus’s personal comments follow at the end.


Picture of Dr. Eugene Mallove It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Gene Mallove, who was killed on May 14, 2004, possibly in relation to a property dispute. A homicide investigation is underway.

Gene is survived by his wife Joanne, his son, Ethan, and his daughter, Kim.

We believe that Gene Mallove will one day be recognized as one of the greatest science journalists of his time. He was an authoritative historian and innovative investigator within the new energy field. Through his 1991 book, "Fire from Ice: Searching for the Truth behind the Cold Fusion Furor," Gene was the first to courageously and boldly express the reality of cold fusion, long before any other science journalist dared to ask questions that challenged the prevailing view. In 1996, he reached an even broader audience with his highly educational video, "Cold Fusion: Fire From Water."

For 15 years, he worked tirelessly and relentlessly, at great personal sacrifice, to foster and oversee the development of cold fusion and other new energy experimentation at his New Energy Research Laboratory. He published Infinite Energy: The Magazine of New Energy Technology, which provided a "torch" of information that drew and enlightened many to the existence and legitimacy of cold fusion and other emerging new energy technologies. Most recently, he established the New Energy Foundation, a non-profit corporation, which provides grants to researchers and developers in the field of new energy.

Cover of Infinite Energy Magazine Gene will be remembered for the immense support and encouragement he provided to cold fusion researchers around the world, whose progress and achievements he recognized, chronicled and publicized through a wide variety of media. His tremendous efforts have shown increasing success over the past few years and continue to bear fruit, as is evidenced by the growing media attention in support of cold fusion. Gene's generosity toward the scientific community, his commitment to the integrity of Science, and his dedication to creating a better world, will be forever appreciated and celebrated.

For more information, contact Christy Frazier, Office Manager at Infinite Energy (Phone 603-485-4700), or Steven Krivit of New Energy Times (310) 721-5919, or visit the website at http://www.infinite-energy.com.

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Addendum from Dr. Bob Hieronimus:

Gene appeared 23 times on 21st Century Radio and Future Talk since 1991, and we were honored that his final radio appearance was on our show. Joining us on that same program was Dr. Mitchell Swartz, M.D., Ph.D. who successfully demonstrated his robust cold fusion demonstration cell at the 10th International Conference on Cold Fusion at MIT last year. Our listeners were the last souls on Earth to hear from Dr. Mallove that the DOE is now reconsidering cold fusion, a non-polluting cheap source of energy long opposed by those vested interests of corporate America. 21st Century Radio is in the process of using paranormal means to locate his murderer and will report to you first when the culprit or culprits are charged. We love you Brother Gene! You ARE a great hero fallen in battle against corporate greed!

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