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Following the death of Graham Birdsall, former editor of UFO Magazine in the
UK I wish to inform you that myself and Graham's right hand man Russel
Callaghan have joined forces to launch 'UFO ezine.

It is 30 pages of glossy on line magazine that you can download in PDF
format. It's style will be similar to that of UFO Magazine but ultimately
different. The first issue is free to download from our website of the same
name on April 27th 2004. Thereafter it will cost £1.50 per month via a
secure credit card payment system.

Russ is a respected researcher around the world and my name is gaining
credence as well. I don't know if you are aware of my area of research.

I am a serving police detective (almost 15 years) and over the last two
years have created a database for UK police officers - serving and retired
to report UFO sightings. To date I have amassed over 100 cases involving 300
officers going back to 1950.

Many of these cases defy conventional explanation and offer multiple witness

Gary Heseltine The PRUFOS Police Database


21st Century Radio News -Click here for more articles like this.

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