Master Technician Wanted at Treasured Motor Cars in Owings Mills, MD

by Dr. Bob Hieronimus

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Photo credit: Frank Allison
Are you a "Master Technician" when it comes to Automobiles? Do you share my passion for Rolls Royces, Bentleys and other classic dream cars? Then Treasured Motor Cars of Owings Mills has the job of a lifetime waiting for you!

Treasured Motor Cars is the only place IN THIS REGION where owners of the WORLD'S FINEST automobiles go for service, and where many others go to buy that classic car they always dreamed of owning.

Treasured Motor Cars is the only place I trust with my 1976 Silver Shadow. Our listeners know that I actually LIKE to take my car in for service, because I love to admire the many other MOVING SCULPTURES and exotically-beautiful automobiles on their lot.

If this is the kind of place where you would like to work, then you may be in luck, because Treasured Motor Cars is in need of a Master Technician. Experience with British and Italian cars would be useful, but the main requirements are a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, willingness to learn, GOOD WORK ETHIC, and a desire to satisfy customers who insist on HIGH QUALITY rather than low cost. The reward is a GOOD SALARY for a five day week and GENEROUS health care and retirement BENEFITS. If you have the desire to work on the most beautiful and prestigious, classic automobiles on the planet (!), then call Treasured Motor Cars at 410-833-2329 and ask for Geoffrey. Master Technicians, call Treasured Motor Cars at 410-833-2329, and tell them Dr. Bob sent you!

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