The Templars and the Grail: Knights of the Quest

Dr. Karen Ralls, Ph.D., author of The Templars and the Grail joins us on 21st Century Radio on 11 April 2004, 8 PM Eastern, WCBM 680 AM, Baltimore.

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(quoting from Dr. Ralls' website, "The powerful Knights Templar, the famed monastic warriors of the Crusades, still intrigue many today. An organization long shrouded in mystery, the Templars have been thought by many to conduct mystical rites and rituals, to guard the Holy Grail, and to possess the priceless treasures of the Temple of Jerusalem. But what is fact and what is fiction?

"Having a key role in not only Crusader history, but also the history of the western wisdom traditions, the Templars were also bankers to kings, trusted diplomats, farmers, business managers and navigators. They used codes and ciphers, interacted with Muslims in the Holy Land, established an early form of traveller's cheque and may have influenced the building of the Gothic cathedrals. From Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival to Hollywood films like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, interest in the Templars continues unabated today.

"In The Templars and the Grail, medieval historian Dr. Karen Ralls presents the history of the Knights Templar, examining the many beliefs and theories about the knights and their presumed powers, knowledge, and treasure. Drawing on both academic (Part One) and popular (Part Two) sources, this book provides a fresh, well-researched, up-to-date perspective on the facts and evolving "mythos" of the history of the Templars.

"Appendices include a Chronology of Events during the Templars' era, a list of Grand Masters, maps, information on Templar sites, and photos of the exquisite carvings of Rosslyn Chapel, by kind permission of Rosslyn Chapel Trust. There are also exclusive photos of certain rare artifacts and regalia from Rosslyn Chapel Museum exhibition, drawn from the private Brydon Collection—some of which have never been seen in public before.

"The result is a solidly-researched, riveting read of the unfolding drama and history of the Knights Templar. It separates fact from fiction, and is a vital addition to our understanding of the Templars, the Grail, and their enduring spiritual legacy today.

"Dr Karen Ralls, FSA, Oxford-based medieval historian and Celtic scholar, was Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and Deputy Curator of the Rosslyn Chapel Museum exhibition for a number of years before continuing with specialist research in Oxford. She lectures worldwide, conducts in-depth research, and has appeared on the Discovery Channel. Her books include The Templars and the Grail (Quest Books, Chicago, 2003), The Quest for the Celtic Key (Luath, Edinburgh, 2002), Indigenous Religious Music (Ashgate, UK, 2001), Music & the Celtic Otherworld (Edinburgh Univ. Press/St Martin's Press NY, 2000)

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