Cold Fusion - Another Look

by Dr. Bob Hieronimus

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If you came here looking for ColdFusion hosting then you're looking into the wrong thing; Cold Fusion is all about physics, whereas ColdFusion hosting is for web hosts and web programmers.

We are happy to point your attention to a breakthrough in cold fusion, which our listeners know we’ve been supporting for over 14 years.

Detectives follow the money trail to learn who profits from what. We suggest that you follow the vested interests trail to learn why some discoveries and inventions never reach the general populace. Of course, there are vested interests in all areas of knowledge and commerce, but they work against the public good when they are driven by personal greed or fear. Owners of oil companies seek greater profits, and it’s not to their benefit to support other energy systems, no matter how clean and renewable, and life-saving to our planet. Just like the owners of companies that manufacture weapons, who must by their very nature, be in support of bigger and more frequent wars in order to sell their products!

The only reason America goes to war in the Middle East is to protect our oil interests. If the reasons were to protect innocent civilians under oppression, there are dozens of conflicts around the globe that deserve our “help” just as much, but without rich oil deposits, those innocent civilians are on their own.

It is possible NOW to eliminate our dependence on oil as an excuse to go to war! That is why 21st Century Radio has explored and promoted various alternative, clean and renewable sources of energy, including cold fusion. When first announced in 1989 by Drs. Pons and Fleischmann, the idea seemed too good to be true, and almost immediately, Pons and Fleischmann were clobbered by hot fusionists and others with vested interests tied to the oil industry. The status quo Big Media, also governed by these same vested interests, refused to report accurately on the next decade of experiments and developments in this field, preferring instead to sweep it away as a fluke and an embarrassing joke. So in 1991, when solid confirmation of Drs. Pons and Fleishmann’s conclusions finally came through -- did you hear about it? No! And now, 13 years and many character assassinations later, thanks to the determined efforts of many highly qualified scientists around the world who disregarded the ridicule and continued to work in cold fusion, it seems a small breakthrough is at hand! The New York Times reported last week that “Cold Fusion is Offered a Second Look. Recent research to get review by science panel of Energy Department.” Fortunately the Baltimore Sun reprinted this story on March 25th on page 7A.

In that article we find our friend, Dr. Eugene Mallove, editor of Infinite Energy Magazine, who has joined us on the air over the past dozen years as saying: “I am absolutely delighted that the DOE is finally going to do the right thing. There can be no other conclusion than a major new window has opened on physics.”

The article continues:

“The research is too preliminary to determine whether cold fusion, even if real, will live up to its initial billing as a cheap, bountiful source of energy, said Dr. Peter Hagelstein, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who has been developing a theory on how the process works. Experiments have generated small amounts of energy, from a fraction of a watt to a few watts.

“Still Hagelstein said, “I definitely think it has potential for commercial energy production.”

Dr. James F. Decker, Deputy Director of the Science Office in the Energy Department noted:

“They presented some data and asked for a review of the scientific research that has been conducted. The scientists who came to see me are from excellent scientific institutions and have excellent credentials.”

So the game’s afoot! Look for arch skeptics like Dr. Robert Park, professor of physics and former chairman of the Department of Physics at University of Maryland to continue his diatribe against cold fusion. He invested his reputation by virulently attacking cold fusion experiments, in the time-honored tradition of insulting personalities and ignoring the data, in his biting column and book, Voodoo Science. Look out, Dr. Park. Your words may just come back to fall on your head!

I believe that the promise of cold fusion WILL become an eventual reality. It most assuredly deserves this second look by an impartial panel - something it never received in the first round of debate which was rigged by the debunkers. But alas, you must remember that any source of cheap, bountiful and non-polluting energy will continue to be opposed. Look for hot fusionists, big oil, and university scientists with vested interests in the status quo to delay its funding as long as Big Media will allow them. Let them know you are on to them! Let’s unmask their agenda and get to the truth!

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