Blue River Canyons on Mars

Filer's Files #06-2004 Skywatch Investigations.
George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern
February 4, 2004

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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. European Space Agency Shows Blue River Like Valleys, Claims There is Water on Mars, Opportunity Lander Shows Blue Skies and coral on Mars, Connecticut -- The Round, White Object Move In A Zigzag Fashion, New Jersey ? Several UFO Sightings Reported, Florida - Bright White, Shaped Like A Boomerang, Alabama ? Four Bright Lights in Tree Tops, Tennessee ? Half Hour Light, Indiana - It Was Very Fast Bright, and a Circular Object, Michigan - UFO Was Circular With Multiple Colors, Illinois - Early Morning Green Glowing Ball Of Light, Texas ? Four Silver And One White Ships Hovering, New Mexico- Bush Jokes About UFOs, California ? Police Officer Takes UFO Photos, Oregon ? Two Close Lights Flying Fast Parallel To The Ground, Washington - A Round Golf Ball With Multiple Twinkling Colors, Canada ? Beam Of Light & Objects Splitting In Two. Mexican Aviation Technicians Claim Having Videotaped UFOs, Guatemala ? UFO on the News, UK/England - UFO Appearing and Then Being Pursued, Netherlands - Craft With Two Bright Lights Moving Very Fast, and Conversation With Mom.

Who Are You Going to Believe - Me or Your Own Eyes

Why Are European Space Agency Images Better?

EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY (ESA) photos are showing blue river like canyons and valleys on Mars. These blue areas appear to be caused by possibly flowing rivers or colors retained from water that once flowed or perhaps growing algae or bacteria. Blue is also shown inside some craters. On Earth Lapis Lazuli, Blue Viteral, and the dark blue azurite is a hydrated copper carbonate indicating water. Photosynthesis pigments, and copper bearing minerals often show blue or green colors. Photosynthesis is the formation of carbohydrates in living plants from water and carbon dioxide by the action of sunlight on the chlorophyll. The blue color now being shown by ESA is a major step forward in revealing the true nature of Mars and that at least some water is present. In Western Australia stromatolites are layered rocks that form in the presence of colonies of blue-green bacteria. As sediments accumulate, they include the remnants of the bacterial corpses, which give the rock the distinctive appearance. It is doubtful that blue mineral deposits would follow the apparent riverbed so living organisms such as bacteria; algae, lichen might be responsible for the blue color. Satellite data of Earth seldom shows blue colors unless water is involved.

ESA is showing pronounced blue colors that have not been shown in NASA/JPL/MSSS photos further indicating that some kind of false coloring methods are being used. Blue color images become extremely important in proving that life exists or once existed on Mars. Many of the rocks if shown in their real colors show green patches of color indicating lichen or fungi. It appears the carbon dioxide content of the Martian atmosphere is replenished by an active microbial ecosystem. Mars organisms may be very efficient rock eaters, as evidenced by the numerous holes or pits in the rocks at the Mars landing sites.

Spirit Lander Image of Rectangular Hole

Martian microbes may secrete concentrated organic acids to bore into the rock. There appear to be chasms as they boreholes as they eat into the rock. Rock boring organisms on Earth are common, and this or other mechanisms are occurring on Mars. The new Mars Rovers are already picking up large square holes in the rocks. Additionally, the newly revealed blue coloring of the sky indicates much greater biosphere than has been admitted by NASA. Coral, shells or lichen like objects are being imaged by the Opportunity Rover and sent to me by Norman Bryden on February 2, 2004.




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