THREE Presidential Candidates Say "Yes" to Proposed US DOE or NASA Office of Unconventional Energy

PRESS RELEASE (Friday, January 9, 2004):
FROM: Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
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Picture of Renewable Wind Energy CONCORD, New Hampshire: At a public forum for presidential candidates in Concord, New Hampshire, which was held at Temple Beth Jacob on the evening of January 8th, all three Democratic Party presidential candidates who attended Senator John Edwards, Senator Joseph Lieberman, and Congressman Dennis Kucinich - said "Yes" to a proposal by New Energy Foundation (NEF) to establish an Office of Unconventional Energy within the U.S. Department of Energy, or, alternately, within NASA. Their responses came in the form of answers to a question submitted by NEF President Dr. Eugene Mallove.

The question was posed to the three candidates by forum moderator Rabbi Richard Klein, following an earlier exchange by the candidates on more general questions about foreign policy and energy and environmental policy. The forum lasted 90 minutes.

A transcript of the question that was asked and the three candidate responses appears below. But first some background about the question: New Energy Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, which is dedicated to evaluating, publishing, and funding scientific research on experimental evidence and theories for sources of energy that have not received adequate or appropriate review by the scientific establishment. Among these are such New Energy forms as: low-energy nuclear reactions (a.k.a. "cold fusion"), vacuum energy, "zero point" energy, "hydrino" physics, and other experimentally motivated revisions of or extensions to modern physics. NEF publishes the scientific and popular journal, Infinite Energy: New Energy, New Science, New Technology.

The question asked by Dr. Mallove was posed in a manner designed to bring the issue of NEW ENERGY into the public arena, from which it has been inappropriately absent from pronouncements by presidential candidates (with several exceptions) as far back as Bill Clinton in January 1992, also in Concord, NH. Therefore the question was posed in a way that might be more congenial to the candidates, who were gathered in Concord only a few weeks before the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. It is obvious that the question of New Energy will affect not only energy and the environment but also human health. So we begin by way of an analogy with energy: Within NIH (the National Institutes of Health) there is an Office of Alternative Medicine, the OAM, which evaluates medical treatments that are not deemed viable by conventional scientific theory, but which in many cases appear to work nonetheless such as acupuncture and some aspects of homeopathy. The OAM investigates controversial new methodologies that may work in concert with traditional medicine to promote human health. So, the question arises: Should we as a society do the same for frontier ideas in energy that are languishing due to official neglect and antagonism?

The QUESTION asked by Rabbi Klein to the three candidates on January 8, 2004, after their answers to more general questions about energy and the environment:

"I am going to ask for a 30-second follow-up. A very specific related question -- you can talk about alternative energy: Would you support an office within the United States Department of Energy to evaluate what might be called ^(3)unconventional energy^(2) sources NOT merely renewable sources such as wind power but such things as ^(3)cold fusion^(2) or so-called "zero-point" or vacuum energy? Thirty seconds!


Senator Joseph Lieberman:

"I'll be real quick on this. The first detailed policy statement I made in this campaign was what I called a Declaration -- an American Declaration of Energy Independence. John spoke to it very eloquently. Look, we've got to --my goal is to have us reduce our use of fuel in transportation by 2-million barrels a day. Let's get up to 40 miles a gallon. We can do it with the technology we have today, but we've got to explore -- we've got to use our technology and innovation. We've got to invest public money in creating all sorts of new ways to power our society that are clean and efficient and ours. If we do it right, we can clean up the environment, make us stronger in the world, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in new energy industries. Yes, I would!"

Congressman Dennis Kucinich:

"An office to develop unconventional approaches to energy? Look, I'm an unconventional candidate! [Audience laughter and applause] So, the question is, 'How?' The United States has a tremendous capacity within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to do just this. I have Glenn Research Center in my district and I am co-chair of what is called the Aerospace Caucus of the United States Congress -- of the House of Representatives. And, I think that NASA has this incredible potential to develop new energy technologies. And that's where we ought to do it. We have the ability to do it right now and I would like to do it through the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Thank you."

Senator John Edwards:

"Before I answer this question I want these two [turning to Lieberman and Kucinich] to tell me what the definition of 'cold fusion' to 'zero point' is! [Audience laughter]. Yeah, I got a feeling listening to those answers they don't have any idea what it is! [Dennis Kucinich gets up and whispers something to Senator Edwards] Yes, of course. The answer is 'Yes,' I would support an office that worked on alternative sources of energy. That's the answer to the question."

This entire exchange was audio- and video-recorded by Dr. Mallove. Several news organizations were present, which recorded the entire forum. Now, perhaps other presidential candidates will be motivated to look into the matter of New Energy, which New Energy Foundation believes is of overarching importance in economic, environmental, geopolitical, health-promoting, and scientific implications.

Extensive information about New Energy and how the government-academic complex has treated it may be found on the New Energy Foundation web site and its associated links.

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