"What Do They Want Us to Understand Right Now?"

An Aspect of The Andreasson Affair Revisited

By Michael Mannion

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Picture of Telepathy Raymond Fowler's 1979 book, The Andreasson Affair, is an excellent investigative work documenting the anomalous experiences of Betty Andreasson. Over the subsequent decades, Fowler continued to follow her fascinating case, reporting his findings in intriguing, multi-leveled works such as The Andreasson Affair, Phase 2 (1982); The Watchers (1990); The Watchers II (1995); and The Andreasson Legacy (1997).

Recently, I felt impelled to take another look at The Andreasson Affair. It is not quite clear exactly why Fowler's work called to me at this time but I am pleased that I responded to the summons, whatever its origin. I opened the book to page 141 of the 1979 Prentice-Hall hardcover edition and saw that, about 20 years ago, I had underlined parts of the text.

"What do they want us, as seekers of the truth, to understand right now?" Betty was asked by David Webb, who was participating with Raymond Fowler in a session with Betty Andreasson.

Andreasson responded, "The truth-freedom-love-to understand man's hatred-to deal with it righteously." I had underlined the words "to understand man's hatred" and in the margin had written the initials, "WR." I put the book down for a moment, as memories of my first reading of this material came back to me. I picked the book up and opened to page 122. There in the margin, again, I had written the initials "WR." And there also was more underlined text which read, "Man must understand many of the natural things on earth...if man will just study nature itself, he will find many of the answers he seeks..."

According to Andreasson, an extraterrestrial was conveying these thoughts to her. She was further informed that "Energy is 'round about man that he does not know of. It is the simplest form of energy. It is within the atmosphere-this atmosphere..." At this point it became clear to me why I had underlined these passages. I recalled that there were other statements in the section that, when put together, had great significance. I remembered that I had underlined them as well and found them easily.

Andreasson said the alien told her that "Love is the greatest of all. They do not want to hurt anybody-but because of great love, they said: because of great love, they cannot let man go in the footsteps he is going..."

The aliens also told her that the answers humanity seeks are in the simple things of nature. "You-try-to-seek-in-wrong-directions. Simplicity-'round-about-you. Air-you-breathe-water-you-drink-(sigh)-fire-that-warms-earth-that-heals. Simplicity-ashes-things-that-are-necessary-taken-for-granted. Powers-within them-overlooked. Why-think-you-are-able-to-live? Simplicity."

The message of the non-human intelligence made perfect sense to me because it mirrored my own path of learning. The issues highlighted in this part of Fowler's book are identical to subjects that have concerned me for 35 years.

The initials "WR," which I had written in the margins of Fowler's book, refer to the pioneering physician-scientist Wilhelm Reich. Although Reich died in 1957 when I was eight years old, through his writings, he has been like a mentor to me from my late teens onward. Reich's own medical and scientific journey led him to investigate the very phenomena that Andreasson says the ETs want us to learn about. In the 1950s, Reich's scientific study of energy brought him into direct contact with the extraterrestrial phenomena.

The following four topics are emphasized by the non-human intelligence Andreasson is interacting with:

1. Truth, freedom and the source of human hatred
2. Studying nature itself and the simplest natural things
3. The energy in Earth's atmosphere
4. Love as the central phenomenon of existence

Why are these critical issues brought to our attention by these elusive, enigmatic beings? According to Andreasson, it is because they want us to gain knowledge and deepen our understanding of ourselves and the universe we inhabit.

Whether ETs, aliens or non-human intelligences are involved or not, it is vital for our survival that these four areas of life be examined, explored, investigated and comprehended as completely as possible.

In my life, I have come across all four themes in my studies of Reich's books as outlined below:

1. Truth, freedom and the source of human hatred-Character Analysis, The Mass Psychology of Fascism; The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality; The Sexual Revolution; People in Trouble; The Murder of Christ
2. Studying nature itself and the simplest natural things: The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life; The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety
3. The energy in Earth's atmosphere: The Discovery of the Orgone: Vol. 1, The Function of the Orgasm and Vol. 2, The Cancer Biopathy; Ether, God and Devil; Cosmic Superimposition; The Oranur Report; Contact with Space
4. Love as the central phenomenon of existence: a theme throughout Reich's work, as evidenced in the last sentence of The Function of the Orgasm, in which he describes his own research, "Its center remains always the same: the enigma of love to which we owe our being."

It was exciting and encouraging to go to my library, select a book by one of the great UFO-ET investigators, and thereby rediscover a powerful connection between a decades-old message from a non-human intelligence and my own focus in work and life.

Whoever "they" may be, and whatever human beings come to believe that "they" want us to understand, it is essential that we humans begin our own crucial task: to recognize the existence of the physical life energy; to feel it moving in our own bodies; and to learn how to make it demonstrable, measurable and usable. The practical investigation of the life energy, which Reich called orgone, has the potential to bring human beings back into contact with nature, both outside of and within themselves. If we do not come to understand and align ourselves with the functional laws of nature-as now we do only with the laws of mechanistic materialism, mysticism and irrational political ideologies-our continued existence is in grave doubt.

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