UFO Testament: Anatomy of an Abductee

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This book entails the life of one who has not only become internationally respected as a UFO investigator and author but now as a so-called UFO abductee. It is strikingly different from other works dealing with UFO abductions in that it will provide an overview of the complete life of an abductee from early childhood to sunset years of his life. The exciting descriptions of UFO sightings, investigations and documentation would be worthy of a book themselves. The Chief Scientific Consultant for the USAF UFO Project Bluebook, Astronomer Dr. Hynek is on record as stating: "Raymond Fowler...whose meticulous and detailed investigations ...far exceed the investigations of Bluebook." However, this book is about much more than investigating UFO sightings. Throughout the warp and weft of the author's UFO and paranormal experiences is the slow but sure realization that he has been investigated since childhood by the very phenomenon he was investigating!

Raymond Fowler' s career included a tour with the USAF Security Service and twenty-five years with GTE Government Systems as Senior Planner for the Minuteman Missile Program. Ray has directed his own planetarium and observatory and teaches courses on Astronomy and UFOs. UFO Testament is his tenth book on UFOs.

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