The Harmonic Concordance:

November 8/9, 2003

By Chrissy Blaze
Power Prayer
A Program to Unlock Your Spiritual Strength

The Harmonic Concordance, 2003, follows its predecessor, The Harmonic Convergence of 1987. It takes place this year at the moment of the total lunar eclipse of November 8/9*. This is at 1:29 a.m. Sunday, November 9 GMT (5:29 p.m. Saturday, November 8 PDT).

This marks an important moment of rare cosmic attunement. The total lunar eclipse is part of what is known in astrology as a Grand Sextile pattern - a wonderful, harmonious flow of energy between six planets in our solar system. Within this pattern is yet another powerful pattern known as The Star of David, an important mystic symbol, which is created by two inverted Grand Trines. There are yet more significant astrological patterns within this pattern, and some astrologers believe this is the most significant alignment in the 6,000 year span between 3,000 BC and 3,000 CE. Certainly, it is rare in its beauty and wonder.

Unlike its predecessor, the Harmonic Convergence - due to the world-wide nature of a lunar eclipse - the powerful, once in a many millennium moment of the Harmonic Concordance will occur at the same instant, in all time zones, around the globe. This is one powerful moment in time -- but its effects can last for centuries to come.

This Harmonic Concordance has attracted a tremendous amount of attention and speculation. The following is my assessment of it, as far as I know, from my own background in astrology and metaphysics, and from studying the astrological event, as well as articles on the subject.

Astrologer, John Mirehiel, first brought the astrological portrait of this moment to the public eye, in 1998. He found the horoscope chart for the full moon eclipse very compelling, and many other astrologers have since studied it. It is now universally acknowledged that when the chart is examined in the framework of traditional Western astrology, a number of significant features become apparent.

The general consensus is that (at the very least) this moment is likely to bestow grace and blessings upon those who spend this time and use the high energies it produces with their hearts and minds focused spiritually.

There have been numerous speculations about what might happen during this time. Some are rather extreme, to say the least. Some expect to see the first wave of Ascension take place. Others are waiting for spaceships to take us away. Still others wonder if the astrological chart is foretelling a type of universal rapture.

My take is that it is not so much about the outward events, but an opportunity for those who are ready, to make this time as spiritually powerful as possible. In other words, be "spiritually proactive"; don't wait for things to happen.

Powerful planetary events can and often do coincide with events in the world around us, and these can indeed be regarded as "signposts" from the Cosmos. Catastrophic events are a manifestation of the karmic pattern of humanity (in this case, negative) and warn us that we are going down the wrong track. We complain about the weather and suffer from natural disasters, and yet we cause these through our thoughts and actions. I do not believe we are collectively "ready" for sublime events, such as some kind of mass Ascension, to take place during the Harmonic Concordance.

Astrology is a language of the Divine, and It uses such events to "talk" to us. However, first we have to raise our vibrations through spiritual work and practices, in order to attune ourselves to what is being said. Once we learn to do this, then indeed we can expect sublime events, otherwise known as "miracles" to take place. However, once again I must stress, the onus is on us. As my own Spiritual Master and Founder/President of The Aetherius Society, Dr. George King, always said (and I paraphrase), we must take one step towards God, before God takes two steps towards us.

It is good to see that groups of people worldwide are taking the time to visit sacred places to attune themselves spiritually through prayer and meditation.

This beautiful, powerful planetary configuration is giving us all an opportunity to make a choice. We can choose to use this time to embody the highest spiritual virtues, and also to send out prayers for healing of individuals and the world, as well as perform service to others, or we can choose to ignore it.

It is a good thing that it has attracted so much attention throughout the globe, for if we consciously join together with the highest intent at this time, we can cooperate with the higher aspects of the planetary energies. Then, we are in effect, tuning ourselves in to these harmonious and powerful cosmic energies, which will do much good for the collective consciousness. Just imagine the tremendous benefits that must result from the prayerful intent of hundreds of thousands of souls focused, on the same purpose, at the same moment.

In recent years, scientists have begun to accept what mystics have always known: that we are all interconnected through a shared field of energy, referred to as "The Field." Now, scientists and mystics are also aware of the psychic impact of our group directed intentions and prayers around the world, and of the power of sacred sites.

There has been on-site data collected at certain sacred sites and this has been compared with other regular locations. It has been shown that the field in both areas is very different. On-site data collected and compared with that of other locations, make it is clear that the field in both sacred and mundane areas is noticeably different.

Other studies have been done about the projected level of consciousness that can be achieved during the Harmonic Concordance. This is based on the work of Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.* who has devoted years of research to a developing a qualitative mapping of psychic energies. The results of his 25-year, cross-cultural study indicate that there are definable levels of consciousness that can be associated with various states of the human condition. Dr. Hawkins arrayed these states on a thousand-point scale. At the lowest level were attributes such as shame (20), guilt (30), apathy (50), etc. The "positive" qualities begin with courage, at 200, and progress to Oneness at 600. The range from 6000---1000 is designated as "Enlightenment."

Independent "raters" of the Harmonic Concordance moment of November 8, 2003, have reported numbers that fall in the high-end range of enlightenment. I do not know how these figures have been obtained, but certainly Dr. Hawkins work is very powerful and interesting.

To summarize: this is a wonderful, positive time for all those of us who wish to make our world a better place. We can and should tune into and use the high planetary energies of this time through prayer, meditation, and service to others. It is a great idea to use this time to visit the sacred areas of our world in order to attune yourself to Nature and offer your thankfulness and appreciation to the Mother Earth. In this way we are cooperating with the beauty and majesty of the cosmos, and so helping to raise the collective consciousness of mankind.

Chrissie Blaze

For information on how to best use this time for personal and global transformation, study Power Prayer: A Program for Unlocking Your Spiritual Strength, Adams Media, 2003, by Chrissie Blaze and Gary Blaze (Foreword by Marianne Williamson), now available to order at, or any leading bookstores.

* Dr. Hawkins is the author of Power vs. Force, and The Eye of the I, published by Veritas Press of Sedona, AZ.

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