1st Annual Exopolitics Expo - the X-Conference

Press Release
September 15, 2003

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Paradigm Research Group

1st Annual Exopolitics Expo - the X-Conference
Hilton Washington, DC North/Gaithersburg
April 16-18, 2004

Washington, DC - Paradigm Research Group is pleased to announce it will bring together in the Washington area the most powerful group of speakers ever assembled to focus on the governmental, political and media aspects of 50+ years of extraterrestrial related phenomena and state sponsored deception, disinformation and denial. And to make things more interesting, it will hold this conference in the middle of the 2004 presidential primary season.

The 1st Annual Exopolitics Expo - the X-Conference - will be held at the Hilton Washington DC North the weekend of April 16-18, 2004.

Collectively, the X-Conference speakers hold enough knowledge of government involvement with extraterrestrial related phenomena and the imposed truth embargo to end the cover-up tomorrow. All it would take is for political leaders and journalists to pay attention.

Conference producer, Stephen Bassett, stated, "Extensive effort will be made to inform the political media as well as congressional members and staff of this conference and the opportunity it represents to obtain in a single weekend a basic understanding of how and why the United States government sequestered from the American people the full truth of an extraterrestrial presence about the planet since at least the mid-1940's." He added, "This conference has been designed and scheduled to be more than just an event, but to have impact on the disclosure process itself. That process, underway in earnest since the end of the Cold War, leads to formal acknowledgment by the United States government of extraterrestrial beings engaging the planet."

Speakers will include Stephen Bassett, Dr. William Birnes, Grant Cameron (Canada), Philip Corso, Jr., Paul Davids, Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman (Canada), Timothy Good (United Kingdom), Dr. Steven Greer, Terry Hansen, Paola Harris (Italy), Richard Hoagland, Dr. C.B. Scott Jones, Jim Marrs, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Nick Pope (United Kingdom), Dr. Michael Salla (Australia).... topping out at approximately 20 speakers.

The schedule, which is subject to change, now includes: Saturday/Sunday: 18-20 lectures, 13-15 workshops, 2-4 discussion panels Friday/Saturday: documentary film showings Friday Evening: Speakers' Cocktail Party Saturday Evening: Banquet with Keynote Address Sunday Evening: Special Presentation

During the Saturday evening banquet, PRG awards for "Journalistic Courage," "Political Courage," and "Lifetime Achievement," among others will be presented.

The Hilton Washington DC North/Gaithersburg is a 3 Star, 3 Diamond hotel with unlimited free parking, metro access, conference facilities for 1500, banquet facilities for 300+ and is equidistant from all three major airports (Reagan, Dulles, BWI).

Full conference information is available at: www.x-conference.com

Paradigm Research Group was founded in 1996 to support the work of research/activist organizations addressing the science and politics of extraterrestrial related phenomena.

Contact: Stephen Bassett
Executive Director

Paradigm Research Group
URL: www.paradigmclock.com
E-mail: ParadigmRG@aol.com
Cell: 202-431-2459
4938 Hampden Lane, #161
Bethesda, MD 20814
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