The Godess Culture and the End of Time

by Jim Finn

---------- Introduction:

This information can be delivered in one of two ways:
1) The whole story from start to finish, or,
2) just the research.

I say this because the UFO field has become rather a joke, at least to the rest of the world. And this material is critical to EVERYONE.

The whole story overview goes like this:

When I was about 5 or 6 in the 1950s, I had "visitors." The scenario was typical of what I had started to read in the first half of the1990s. There was a before, and an after. Everything in the middle was, as usual, nonexistent. Even a teenage event where my neighbor told my dad that i disappeared off the front steps of the house where I was sitting, never happened as far as I was concerned. This continued all my life, although it seems to have slowed WAY down in the last 5 or so years.

There really wasn't any difference between what happened to me and abductions I read about, except for two things: 1) mine were never "scary," and 2) the implanting of a thought in my head, that has to this day, NEVER left me. It is this "thought" that was the basis for all the research.

When I was about 5 and the "visitors" popped up in my life, I began to have this nagging thought in my head. Now remember, I was just a little kid. This "thought" was WAY outside anything that should have been rolling around in my head. The thought was: The Catholic Church is wrong. The teachings are wrong. This must be corrected.

Now you tell me what kid at that age thinks thoughts like that. I had NO idea what it meant ... I had NO idea what to do about it ... I had NO idea concerning anything. I was just a little kid. But as I grew up, I never got rid of this thought. It was always there ... in the back of my mind. It was triggered to resurface every time I went to Church.

When I was about 14 or 15, I was walking home from Church and had just sat through a bad sermon that brought this thought racing into my conscious mind again. But this time I had HAD IT. I was SO frustrated over the fact that I had NO idea what to do about this problem that I screamed in my head GO AWAY ... LEAVE ME ALONE ... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU WANT ... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS ... LEAVE ME ALONE ... GO AWAY!!!! (It should be noted that at this time I thought I was talking to God.)

For about seven years after that my head was SO quiet you could hear a pin drop. In fact, I had almost forgotten all about it. Then one day, November 5th, 1970, at about 11:23am, it started all over again. Only this was different. I actually felt like I had been switched on. My ESP abilities began then. I instantly changed. I didnt SEE things anymore ... I saw INTO things. It took me years to figure this all out.

After three years of this, the learning began. I just KNEW what books to read. Never at anytime did I speak with any kind of BEING. In fact, all I was ever shown were books to read. Topic at a time, layer on top of layer, subject after subject. This has been going on for 30 years. The information, it seems, has been sitting under our noses all along.

So, what did I learn? Well, the Church IS wrong ... but wrong in a way you would never believe. In fact, everything we know is wrong. Not wrong in conTENT. But wrong in conTEXT. So wrong, that our very lives hang in the balance

The problem is that we are viewing our history from the wrong starting point. We are being taught that the floating date of 3200 BC is the proper date to define our history. It was the time when humanity began to flourish, to reach out, to build, to create civilization as we know it today. Actually, this is wrong, wrong, wrong. This time period was when humanity took a nose dive. This was the time of our floundering, not flourishing.

I came to understand, that, if the start date was wrong I simply needed to find the right one. What I discovered was, there is no right one. We lack the information. BUT ... it seems that part of this picture has survived. It is this single part that we now need to focus on.

The Goddess culture has existed, according to extant information, for thousands and thousands of years. According to cave paintings, there was a relationship, on some level, with the Star People. We have NO information concerning what was going on between us and them. BUT ... later myths do help sketch a picture.

Within the last dozen years, the work of Dr. Paul LaViolette has shown the existence of a phenomena he calls a galactic superwave. An explosion at the center of all spiral galaxies that takes roughly 23,000 years to reach us. When it does, depending on whether it was a large or minor core explosion, the effects here could be catastrophic.

Based on later myths that tell of "prior worlds" being destroyed and recreated, and based on their information that the Star People were here to help, we get the following scenario:

The Goddess culture / early humans were in some way warned about a coming disaster that hit here about 14,000 BC and lasted until around 10,000 BC. These dates are approximate and based on data held by Dr LaViolette. The great megafauna extinction is attached to this also. However, I have never heard of a human mass extinction. Mitochondrial DNA studies would have shown another "bottleneck" in human history. I have seen no note of this. The bottleneck of c70,000 BC was noted, but where is the physical evidence? The bodies?

Humanity came through the event, and also came through the great meltwater floods. All said to have been with the help of the gods. Over time, we had gotten back to living our lives.

The next piece of this needs an explanation. Remember, I was following what I was shown to study. I traced a single vein of history back about 15,000 years. That vein began with the Catholic / biblical doctrine. I studied Christianity from the grassroots level to the scholastic level. My focus was the Messiah. Of all the arguments I had heard about this, the Occult view of the dying god made the most sense as an archetypal doctrine. Rather than go into all the dying gods, I set out to find the archetypal dying god. This brought me to Egypt. The oldest dying god scenario is Hru Ur / Horus the Elder. It is at this point one hits a wall.

The oldest story is so old all we have are fingers pointing to its existence. I knew the only way to go further was to translate the names. The information does not exist. Long story short, a book "popped up" that was about 200 years old. A book that gave me enough information to create the study in language needed. Over the next ten years I was able to connect my work to that of the late Dan Alford, as well as work done by John Halloran, and I had all the information I needed. The picture continues like this:

Humanity was back on its feet. The Star People left a message with us. A message that was to be passed down to every generation. The message basically stated: We are leaving. This destruction will come again. When it does, we also will be here to help you.

They left. We continued to live. The ancients named these beings KhR. The symbol of their return was the rising sun.

The Goddess culture continued to pass the message down, generation after generation. But a problem was brewing. The ancients knew that when this event occurred, the galactic core would be exposed. They even knew the exact place in the sky it would be visible. The last destruction had an event that covered 32 solar diameters of sky. No one foresaw what was about to happen. Not even, it seems, the Star People. The wild-card intervention of simple human nature. In this case: FEAR.

Around 3300 BC we were hit with the first of two MINOR events. The "heralding star" / galactic core was in the sky. More than likely a lot dimmer, but what did they know? All they felt was that it was the time of the destruction AND the Star People should be arriving. So they waited ... and they waited ... and they waited. The Star People never came. There was no need to ... it was only a minor event. Climactic changes on some scale happened. 3200 BC is a target date for some kind of anomalous happening. Possibly a volcanic event set off by the gravity wave of the event?

At any rate, history records what happened after that. Sumer (what I believe to be the point of origin for the great change) and Egypt (the next target) had succumb to radical changes. The males, natural protectors of the clan, TOOK OVER. Religion became the new focus. A fear of being destroyed "from above." Always striving to appease the gods. Oral tradition was replaced by writing because oral tradition was no longer trusted.

History changed in that part of the world. It effected everything in a massive snow-ball effect. The priests eventually merged with the Indo European mind-set and created the world as we know it.

But what about the message? What about the coming destruction? What about ... the arrival? Religion absorbed that too. The oldest story of Hru-Ur (KhR) translates as the arrival of a "multiplicity of beings" at the time of earth's greatest darkness. Skipping the flood of Ziusudra and the arrival of Zoroaster, Catholicism / Christianity represents the last attempt to circulate this information. Grossly confused in the religious rhetoric of the day, "certain people" changed the Jewish Messiah into a World Messiah that was coming for humanity at the time of the End of the World. And Jesus was not coming alone. He was coming with a multitude of angels that were going to do the "gathering." There was only one thing wrong with this doctrine. The awaited END never came. Essentially the message was lost. Attempts were made to "divine" the lost information. UFOs were painted into medieval artworks for SOME reason. I believe there was contact at that time. Information was restored and then lost again. The last 500 years have returned us to darkness.

Is it a coincidence that I was told to do this? Is it a coincidence Dr LaViolette has done his work? Was Roswell just a "crash?" The inner govt / Elite knows what is coming. Fulcanelli spilled the beans in the 50s. EVERYTHING we are today is oddly geared to a certain picture. WE do the work. A work load that has increased since the 50s by HOW MANY percent? Taxes have risen through the roof. The inner govt is said to have (funded by our tax money) high tech UNDERGROUND facilities (good for hiding) . We have ... nothing. Fulcanelli said the Elite plan to be the ruling body of the NEW GOLDEN AGE. Taking over for the humanity that has perished. This gives an entirely new spin on the term NEW WORLD - Order.

This is more than just "the govt doesn't want us to know" ... this is a hostage situation. If we don't learn about what is coming, when it arrives, the Elite go underground, we are left in the streets. If the Star People tried to come for us we would run because we are filled with DISINFORMATION!

The effects of this disaster should run like this:

We are HIT and a great wind arrives.

An EMP knocks out everything. Planes fall from the sky.

The gravity wave should cause the super-volcano in Yellowstone to erupt. This event alone will cover the earth in destruction.

Then comes the cosmic dust. Solar flares / clogged atmosphere, etc.

This doesn't even cover the massive amounts of radiation we will be hit with.

The ancients called this the Phoenix cycle and the dying god. Eventually, it will be here. Hopefully we will have been evacuated. If not, we will die, or our descendants. It just depends when it happens. We will never see it coming.

On the up-side, I believe there will be enough time to learn this. It makes no sense for me to have learned all this for nothing. My problem is, no one (of importance) listens. I write, like am doing now, and no one cares. Now it is your turn. Will you?

Thank you,
Jim Finn

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