Question Candidates on Alternative Energy

Good News -- The Concord Monitor newspaper published the Cold Fusion Question today - 9/16/03

The Concord Monitor newspaper published my letter today, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2003, page B4 -- Opinion page (see below) in slightly edited form. Now all the Presidential candidates can be said to have been ASKED -- even ones who have just come out of the woodwork or who are about to. Letters in the Concord Monitor, one of New Hampshire's leading newspapers, are very definitely monitored by all the candidate camps.

******** Exact form of the printed letter in the Concord Monitor

This will be my question to all presidential candidates that I happen to encounter during the New Hampshire primary season:

I'm Dr. Eugene Mallove of Infinite Energy Magazine in Concord. I'd like to ask your position on an issue that transcends and yet encompasses all the other issues that you and other candidates talk about- peace, freedom, the economy, healthcare, the environment, and - of course - energy independence:
During your campaign will you demand a review by the US Department of Energy or by the National Academy of Sciences of the now overwhelming body of scientific evidence that supports cold fusion/low-energy nuclear reactions energy?
This is clean, abundant energy from water, a scientific discovery made in the United States and announced in 1989 and then crushed, as it was being confirmed, by arrogant vested academic and bureaucratic interests.
A Yes or No answer will do!
If anyone wishes to post this question elsewhere, or to ask it himself or herself of any candidate, I would be thrilled. Please let me know if any responses are received from any of the presidential candidates or their senior advisors. We will post responses on our web site and elsewhere.

Eugene F. Mallove
************************************************* End of the printed letter

I hope this Concord Monitor publication prompts some widespread action by citizens and candidates.

Best wishes,

Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
New Energy Foundation, Inc.
Infinite Energy Magazine
P.O. Box 2816
Concord, NH 03302-2816
Ph: 603-485-4700
Fx: 603-485-4710

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