When does a car become an ART car? And what makes a CLASSIC car?

Art cars usually begin their lives as an older or used vehicle, when the owner decides to change the exterior or interior of the car. Some people cautiously use temporary materials like paper and tape. Some people paint the vehicle as though it were a canvas. Others glue thousands of similar or dissimilar objects all over the car while some radically change the original structure of the vehicle so that it becomes a moving sculpture.

We'll learn about all the options, art car parades and meet a local Baltimore Art Car enthusiast in the first hour of 21st Century Radio on the 21st of September, 2003.

Second hour we will focus on the Fabulous Cars of the 1950s with John Gunnell, whose book contains over 500 period automobile photos that illustrate the human experience in America between 1950 and 1959. Fact-filled captions explain how the people, products and philosophies of the period took everyone from railroads to rocket ships.

Finally, we'll go high-brow and hear from an expert on the Original Rolls Royce and the Bentleys of 1946-65, with the Restorer's Guide to the Standard Saloons and Mainstream Coachbuilt Derivatives.

It's an automotive Sunday on 21st Century Radio, September 21st, 2003 at 7PM, right here on Talk Radio 680 WCBM!

To listen live on September 21, 2003, 7-9 PM or to the archived show after September 26, 2003, visit our home page http://www.21stCenturyRadio.com
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For more about art cars:

Order these books:
Art Cars: The Cars, the Artists, the Obsession, the Craft by Harrod Blank
Wild Wheels by Harrod Blank

The Fabulous 50s: The Cars, the Culture, by John Gunnell

The Original Rolls Royce and the Bentleys of 1946-65,: The Restorer's Guide to the Standard Saloons and Mainstream Coachbuilt Derivatives by James Taylor

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