The Mindshift Institute Presents Cosmos and Consciousness:

The Transformative Impact of New Knowledge An Exciting One-Day Conference

Saturday, September 6, 2003, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.

in Rangeley, Maine


Speaking on Saturday, Sept 6 are:

Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Author John E. Mack, M.D.

Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysicist Rudy Schild, Ph.D.

Hosts: Trish Corbett and Michael Mannion, Co-Founders of The Mindshift Institute.

A Conference at The Rangeley School

Join us in the beautiful, serene surroundings of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine for a conference that will surely make you look at the universe, and your place in it, in a completely new way.

Plan now to come to COSMOS AND CONSCIOUSNESS, a conference designed to explore the transformative impact on our worldview-our conception of ourselves and our reality-brought about by:

* the interconnectedness of the cosmos and the inner universe of consciousness;
* leading edge thinking about the physical universe;
* the information gained from men and women who have had extraordinary experiences with life from beyond earth;
* worldviews in conflict

Changing Worldviews

How can a worldview-something which seems so distant and ivory tower-influence daily life? Over 400 years ago, Galileo used the new invention of the telescope to study the skies. He discovered moons around the planet Jupiter. The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, the powers that ruled the Western world at that time, were threatened by Galileo's discovery. Why?

They understood correctly that Galileo had provided evidence that reality was different than the way it was described by the Catholic Church and that once their worldview was seen as incomplete or in error, their authority and control would be undermined and then lost. This is in fact what did occur.

MIT graduate and Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell

Today another dramatic confrontation is underway. Rudy Schild, Edgar Mitchell and John E. Mack are helping to create a new science that has the potential to change our world as greatly as Galileo's science changed his world four centuries ago. As a result, our view of reality is undergoing a major transformation. And this transformation is poised to have a profound impact on our understanding of how we shape our societies and conduct our lives.

However, the 300 year-old worldview created by Newton, Locke, Descartes and others still shapes our science, religious views, political institutions, educational practices, technological developments and other key aspects of society. Today's dominant worldview will not go gentle into that good night. It will fight to maintain itself. As a result, once again, new discoveries are coming into conflict with old views. Cosmos and Consciousness will bring to life the new worldview now emerging.

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