The Truth About Bigfoot!

Live on April 20th at 7 PM E.S.T. on 21st Century Radio

The Truth About Bigfoot- book coverFor years, scientists and researchers have studied, speculated about, and searched for an enigmatic creature that is legendary in the annals of American folklore. April 20th at 7 PM Eastern on 21st Century Radio we will learn the TRUTH about Bigfoot!

Award-winning author Loren Coleman will be our guest to review his new book, about the fact, fiction, and fables of the North American "Sasquatch."

In this new book titled "Bigfoot", Loren Coleman takes readers on a journey into America's biggest mystery -- could an unrecognized "ape" be living in our midst? Drawing on over forty years of investigations, interviews, and fieldwork on these incredible beasts, Coleman explores the modern debates about these powerful, ape-like creatures, why they have remained a mystery for so long, and what we can learn about ourselves from these animals, our nearest cousins!

From reports of Bigfoot's existence found in ancient Native American traditions, to the controversial Patterson-Gimlin film of a Bigfoot in the wild, to today's Internet sites that record the sightings almost as soon as they occur, Coleman uncovers the past, explains the present, and considers the future of Bigfoot.

That's Loren Coleman and Bigfoot Sunday, April 20, 2003 at 7 PM E.S.T., on Talk Radio 680 WCBM!

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