What is the Fourth Dimension?

Live on 21st Century Radio, April 6, 2003 from 7-9 PM

If the point, the line, and the plane represent the first three dimensions of solid objects, what kind of reversal of space is involved in the ascent to a fourth dimension? Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner, led us to a new perspective showing us that our everyday thinking is the lowest rung of a ladder that reaches up to literally infinite heights. This week on 21st Century Radio, we'll discuss sacred geometry, alchemy and mathematics and tantalize you to new horizons of awareness.

Our guest is Dr. Robert Gilbert, a teacher of the geometric basis of modern science and new technologies, and originator of the VESICA Sacred Geometry Seminars. We will review Steiner's book, The Fourth Dimension which talks about:

- The relationship between geometric studies and developing direct perception of spiritual realities;
- The six dimensions of the self-aware human being;
- Problems with the theory of relativity;
- The relationship of the Trinity and the angelic hierarchies to physical space;
- The dimensional aspect of the spiritual being that Moses encountered on Mt. Sinai, and more.

That's the Fourth Dimension, April 6, 2003 at 7 PM Eastern on 21st Century Radio, right here on Talk Radio 680 WCBM!

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To order Rudolf Steiner's book, the Fourth Dimension, click here:

Visit Dr. Robert Gilbert's Website: http://www.vesica.org.

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