What happened to Hitler's Flying Saucers?

Live on 21st Century Radio, March 16, 2003 from 7-9 PM

Henry Stevens BookThis week on 21st Century Radio, we'll find out how the U.S. government officials kept the truth about the foo fighters hidden for almost 60 years, and how they were finally forced to come clean about their German origin. Our guest, Henry Stevens, has collected U.S. Government reports on German field propulsion saucers and flying discs. Stevens will reveal what happened to this technology after the war, and how the UFO deception in our own country can be traced to the model used by the Germans to keep this knowledge so secret.

That's Hitler's Flying Saucers March 16, 2003 at 7pm on 21st Century Radio, right here on Talk Radio 680 WCBM!
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