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Why is the definition of Negro MAJOR League baseball so important?
Live on 21st Century Radio, February 16, 2003 from 7-9 PM




Buck Leonard cardThis week on 21st Century Radio, in honor of Black History Month, we will feature the NLBPA, or the Negro League Baseball Players Association, the only organization with a mission to support the old players themselves. Founded in Baltimore in 1990, the NLBPA is unlike any other outfit with a similar name, because its chief aim is the welfare of the living players from only the MAJOR LEAGUE black teams. They work to arrange health care, insurance, pensions and other sources of income for families of the black men who played baseball for a living between 1920 and 1950, before the desegregation of the game, which nullified the Negro (MAJOR) Leagues.

Negro League Star JerseysWe'll talk about the website, their history of the game, and their proud new announcement that the NLBPA label has been stitched onto authentic Negro League Baseball apparel. Sales of these beautiful, comfy jerseys, caps and sweats will benefit the remaining Negro Major Leaguers and their families.

The NLBPA merchandise is currently available at selected J.C. Penny stores nationwide.

Learn the important distinction between Negro MAJOR league baseball and the Minor leagues of the 50s and 60s, this Sunday night at 7 on 21st Century Radio, right here on Talk Radio 680 WCBM!

Our guests will be Charles Winner, boardmember of the NLBPA; Stanley Glenn, catcher for the Philadelphia Stars; Bert Orlitzky, webmaster for; and Stuart Ullman, from Vibes Base Enterprises, creators of the new apparel.

Click here to listen live (February 16, 2003 from 7-9 PM E.S.T.) .

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