The Directors UFO Research Coalition composed of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, the Mutual UFO Network, and the Fund for UFO Research announced on January 8, 2003,:

LIMA, OHIO -- This is in response to a recent news release by the Raelian Movement, which supports human cloning, stating their belief in a claim by a French journalist that "on December 13, 1973 he was contacted by a "visitor from another planet and asked to establish an Embassy to welcome extraterrestrials as "the ones who made all life on Earth" begin and were "the origin of (our) main religions."  It is important for all scientists (and others) to know that this claim is not supported by the community of serious researchers of the UFO phenomenon.

Furthermore, the support by the Raelian Movement of the Intelligent Design or I.D. Movement is evidence of their lack of the understanding and application of the scientific method or a true understanding of evolution. The officers, scholars, and other researchers associated with the J.Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, the Mutual UFO Network, and the Fund for UFO Research, recognize that the scientific method of physical examination, replication, and being predictable must be applied to the serious study of the UFO phenomenon as reported by many hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide over the history of the subject.

The anecdotal claims of conversations with purported unidentified entities or sightings of unidentified flying objects require a very high level of organized analysis and study by scientists trained in many formal disciplines.  The unverifiable anecdotal testimony of a 56-year-old former French magazine sportswriter does not meet the standards of credible evidence for the application of rational scientific thought.  Nor does it justify the emergence of a new religion based upon only this unverifiable testimony.  The explanation of the very real UFO phenomenon will ultimately depend upon sufficient acceptable scientific evidence and not upon declared adherence to a religious belief. Thanks to:

J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies Dr. Mark Rodeghier, Chairman,
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Mutual UFO network International Director John R. Schuessler, M.S.,
Phone: 303-932-7709
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Fund for UFO Research Don Berliner, Chairman,
Phone: 703-684-6032
Email: rofuf@konsulting.com Website: http://www.fufor.com

Editor's Note: So far the Cloneaid laboratory has failed to present evidence of successful cloning of a baby as claimed.  The Clonaid founder Claude Vorilhon is leader of a sect called the Raelians.  He claims a space alien visited him in 1973, revealed that life on Earth was created scientifically through DNA and genetic engineering by an extraterrestrial race called the Elohim.  It is evident they have received hundreds of millions or dollars worth of publicity due to the cloning announcement.


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