Andy Serkis/Gollum on 21st Century Radio




Dear Bob and Zoh,

Thank you so much for your wonderful box of goodies which I received yesterday, and which my children have devoured today! It was a very kind and generous gesture, which is greatly appreciated. I Listened to the tape of the show and thought it was excellent, and I must say genuinely, that I really enjoyed talking to you, and your passion for the project made it easily the most interesting interview on the whole of the press junket, for me . You have such a great understanding of Tolkein and the placing of the Lord of the Rings movies in our strange world of here and now, which made the show really important and resonant to the listener. I do hope our paths cross sometime in the future, wishing you all the best for 2003.

Peace and love,

Andy Serkis

ps: If you're interested, I've just launched a website which contains information about my other work on stage and screen-

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