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In an extraordinarily generous humanitarian gesture, Tom Bearden has posted the entire contents of his pending Patent Application for the "Porthole method" extension of the Priore electro-magnetic healing methodology on his Website for public use. He is discontinuing any pursuit of this Patent in the hopes that the technology can be developed for the public good and to alleviate human suffering.

The title of the Patent is "Method, System and Apparatus or Conditioning Electromagnetic Potentials, Fields, and Waves to Treat and Alter Matter", and here is the rub, for not only does it embody everything Tom knows about electro-magnetic healing theory, but it also includes a large number of alternate embodiments of the technology.

These include how to nullify the radioactivity of nuclear waste in 9.1 minutes, how to decontaminate the effects of biological warfare, the production of time-reversal zones in electrolysis to produce heating effects, and much more.

And as a further bonus, he has added the latest research findings entitled "Bedini's Discovery: Extending The Porthole Concept and the Waddington Valley Cell Lineage Concept (With Proposed Reason Why Present Cloning Is So Inefficient)." This paper contains secrets that were embodied in both Rife's and Priore's healing machines, and which the inventors themselves were not aware of.


Note: profits from all book sales go to support Tom's research. His 1988 Classic, "AIDS - Biological Warfare" has now been reprinted and is available for purchase at This is a very readable book for the non-technical reader, and, together with "Excalibur Briefing", makes a great Christmas gift. Global demand for "Energy from the Vacuum" has been unprecedented, and will hopefully soon be yielding practical results.

Tony Craddock
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