Live on 21st Century Radio, December 15, 2002 from 7-9 PM

Picture of Frodo and Sam Would you help Sam and Frodo get to Mount Doom? Or perhaps you would prefer to travel with Merry and Pippin as they are kidnapped by the Orcs and later meet Treebeard? On a very special edition of 21st Century Radio this Sunday night at 7, we'll meet some of the cast and crew of Peter Jackson's second installment in his
              epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Pic of Hobbits before the sword fight. "The Two Towers" hits theaters nationwide on December 18th, and if you can't wait (like us), then join us for behind-the-scenes chats with:
-double-Oscar winner, RICHARD TAYLOR, head of the WETA special effects team that built Middle Earth in New Zealand...
-PHILLIPA BOYENS, who shared the daunting job of turning the books into a screenplay...
-ANDY SERKIS, the Actor who portrays the partially computer generated creature, Gollum...
-and actor SEAN ASTIN who portrays the faithful hobbit, Samwise Gamgee.

Pic of Gandalf outside of Bilbo's home
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